Project Description

App Summary – Join-a-Ride is a novel taxi ride-sharing app that saves users’ time and money. Users can find out information about rides around them and choose to join with them or create a new taxi ride and allow others to join them.

Challenge – Testra approached Dot Com Infoway to create an app that features taxi ride sharing. The app was aimed at enabling users to not only join rides near them on the same route but also create new rides and allow others to join in. The challenge was to design and develop a highly functional app that is easy and quick to use.

Solution: Dot Com Infoway’s mobile application development team approached the project in three phases – ride creation and ride joining; chat communication and chat report; and, ride type (users can choose car for up to 6 people and shuttle for up to 60 people). To ensure security and privacy, we included a verification system as well.

App features:

  • User-friendly interface with intuitive design
  • Save time, money and fuel by locating rides around you and joining them
  • Create a new ride and allow others to join it
  • Create, add a remark or delete a ride from the admin panel
  • Email verification
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