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The client needed a mobile app that could be used as a platform for property owners to manage their various properties including buildings and flats for the purpose of renting them out. It will perform as a landlord app or a Property Management app that could be used for rental activities. The best rental property app was needed that could be easily used by people who may not be tech-savvy.


Being a complete rental property management app they were functional, GUI -related, and property as well as user management -related challenges. Through experience and diligence, the DCI team was able to handle the following challenges for the client

  • Dedicated sections for property owners, super admins and admins, tenants, and real estate companies looking for tenants.
  • Individual sections for property management, rent management, rent status management, dispute and complaint management, property maintenance, maintenance management, and a horde of other features needed to track individual properties.
  • A user-friendly interface and workflow that must make it easy for non-tech savvy people to register themselves, maintain their rental properties, and track various rental activities.
  • Real-time notifications and reminders automatically triggered based on the status of the rent and the lease agreement.
  • Document management.
  • Multimedia listings of the properties.

Our Solution

The main features of the rental property management app include

  • Easy registration and user management including tenants, landlords, and property managers.
  • Multi-platform support – Android & iOS as well as a web panel.
  • Login options including OTP and social media usernames.
  • 360-degree management of listed properties including tenant management, lease management, dispute management, multiple property views with images and videos, and real-time reporting and notifications.
  • Rent histories of individual rental properties.
  • Dedicated sections for different aspects of rental property management.

Our Results

The result was a super successful app that is helping hundreds of property owners manage their rental properties across multiple locations.

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