People are invited to parties, but there are many parties, for example, nightclub parties, birthday parties or celebratory parties where people can simply crash in and the hosts do not mind because they want more guests.


While developing the mobile app, three challenges were identified and solved.

  • Design: Overall, it needed to be a good user interface experience. The design had to be cheerful to cater to a younger audience but at the same time, quite easy to navigate. All the crucial information about the parties and the events must be visible instantaneously.
  • Integrated map: The overall interface needed to accommodate an integrated map that would show individual party locations based on the user’s current location. The client also wanted an animated icon on the map to highlight the busiest party locations nearby.
  • Reliability and stability: Since, suddenly, many people at a single location would use the app, we needed to make sure that the app does not lag or crash when data is fetched. The app accomplishes multiple tasks such as locating party listings, event listings, maps and images at the same time.

Our Solution

We have a time-tested approach towards every project we undertake. Our indigenous process has brought us repeated success and we applied the same process to the current mobile app project. We decided to approach the project through two phases described below.

  • Requirement gathering/elicitation
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Presentation of the ER diagram
  • The back-end programming of the Nitechk mobile app
  • The user interface development
  • Database development and integration
  • User testing
  • UAT
  • Integration of the features approved by the client during wireframing and prototyping
  • Simultaneous development for Android and iOS
  • Testing and debugging
  • Deployment of the mobile app on Google Play and App Store

Our Results

The mobile app is quite successful among party lovers. Now there is less chance of missing a happening party because the notifications are received instantaneously. The client is quite happy with the product. UI and UX are professional and easy to navigate. Both users and businesses (those who organize parties professionally) are using the mobile app to promote events and turn them into a great success.

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