Yo Madurai Food Guide

Project Description

App Summary

The Yo Madurai Food Guide is a foodie’s best friend. The app enables users to satisfy their food cravings at any time of the day or night by leading them to the most popular destinations serving their favorite foods. The app can be used to discover Pakka Local foods near their location in Madurai.


The client wanted to create a comprehensive food guide for the users in Madurai to connect them to their favorite restaurants across the city. The main challenge was to create a system that listed the big and small eateries of Madurai on a single platform with an integrated user-review system. Another issue was to map the exact locations of the hotels with an accurate kilometer search option.


Dot Com Infoway’s app development team brainstormed and created a comprehensive system wherein a user can search for their favorite food items at top restaurants near them in only a few clicks. In addition to searching for restaurants and food items, users can also rate and post their feedback regarding the restaurants they have visited to guide other users on the app.

App Features

  • Search for food items from top hotels near you
  • Get hotel recommendations from real people
  • Restaurant rating system
  • Explore new food and restaurants in Madurai and also discover the best places with different varieties of food
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