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Over the last few years, Social Media Marketing has – without a doubt developed into one of the most crucial elements to successful online marketing, and at Dot Com Infoway (DCI) clients have trusted us to stay ahead of the curve since the very beginning. Our methodology comprises thought before action; for social media marketing – when activated with strategy in-mind – can be a dynamic and effective tool for promoting a brand. At DCI, we know how to navigate the social terrain and we have a proven track record of gaining valuable momentum, for clients.

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    Considering that billions of people now utilize this popular social arena, it behooves all business owners to establish presence and following here. Our services include page:

    • Page activation and optimization.
    • Integration of Facebook apps.
    • New, daily content updates to increase interactivity (videos, imagery, polls and teasers).
    • Assisting with Facebook Ads.
    • Facebook CPC targeting to better discern who targets are (based on such factors as keywords, age, sex, location, education level, workplaces, political views, and relationship statuses).
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    The beauty of Twitter, which is so often lost on users and even online marketers, is that it empowers organizations with the capacity (via quick and efficient 'micro-blogging') to stay completely current, in a real-time environment. Services for clients include:

    • Customizing Twitter pages.
    • Building and maintaining constituencies of followers.
    • Posting factual information regarding news and events.
    • Linking to recent company blogs and articles.
    • Ensuring brand universality by matching the right design themes with client page.
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    LinkedIn is specifically catered as a social space for businesses and business people, and can be valuable to marketers for the purposes of lead generation, business development, human resources/recruiting.

    • At DCI, we have the know-how to activate, establish, and customize a company profile for clients and we have expertise in presenting useful information regarding products and services.
    • Our approach to building successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns is driven by our continuous commitment to deliver relevant and engaging ad content to the most appropriate demographic, through the most personal experience.
    • This can be achieved by a combination of: profession, organization, industry, education, groups (interests), location, age and gender.
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    Although it is considered one of the new kids on the block, Google+ has now emerged with hundreds of millions of users and a growing influence within the social space.

    • We have the capacity to create and customize a Google+ profile and brand page for clients – and we will work to establish 'circles' of connections via the unique segmentation model.
    • Additionally, we provide 'connect' link codes for inclusion on websites to ensure heightened organic momentum.
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    Now that (as of Nov. 2012) Pinterest has revealed its new 'business account' offering, it's important for businesses of all shapes and sizes to consider the importance of this space.

    • Which encourages the effective usage of visual imagery via something of an online pinboard.
    • Here at DCI, we've leveraged this space to help clients all over the world inspire consumers and create that spark of (p)interest!
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    Corporate blogging allows an organization to establish the right tone and it empowers consumers to create stronger emotional attachments with brands.

    • Here at DCI, we perform corporate blogging services for clients so that consumers and markets are able to gain better, and more valuable, insight into what your company is all about.
    • We have an established, time-tested acumen in blogging for the purpose of projecting our clients as 'thought leaders' within their respective industries.


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