25 Proven Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement Quickly

25 Proven Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement Quickly


Social media marketing is just as potent as any other primary type of digital marketing in ensuring successful campaigns. This is why the savviest digital marketers leave no stone unturned when discussing, planning, and executing their strategies to boost social media engagement. More often than not, their social media advertising agency will gladly lend their aid and input.

Want to see the sheer importance of social media marketing campaigns today? Look no further than the following stats:

  • Social media as a whole is nearing the 4.9 billion mark in total number of users.
  • People rarely limit themselves to one social network, opting to shift between numerous profiles on various social media platforms.
  • Facebook remains the favorite platform by marketers, with 90% of them using it. One of the reasons for this is that it’s preferred by 70% of American adults, with an average in-app time of 33 mins/day. 
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What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement measures how people interact with your social media content. It can include likes, comments, shares, clicks, and other actions – all hallmarks of social media growth

How to measure social media engagement? You have to add the total parameters above for a specific post, divide it by total impressions, then multiply the result by 100. 

Engagement is important because it shows how people respond to your content and whether they are interested in what you say.

Moreover, it’s often a two-way street. You need to be willing to interact with your audience, as well as encourage them to interact with you. Engagement can help you build relationships with your audience, grow your brand, and improve your business reputation.

As such, it’s important to keep track of your social media performance over time, especially as you come up with your own social media boosting strategy and start applying the tips we’ve shared below. 

Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

The best way to boost social media engagement is through utilizing a combination of targeted platform selection, consistent branding, active engagement, optimizing profiles, and proactive collaboration. Consider adding these tips to any present social media marketing guide you’re reading as all of them are concerned with the previous point. 

 1. Select the Correct Platform To Attract Followers

One of the most important steps to take is to choose the platform you’ll be focusing on. This requires researching the channels frequented by your target audience.

How can you go about this? By using tools like surveys or doing competitor analysis, for example. The moment you gain a better understanding of your audience’s habits and preferences, that’s the only time you should allocate most of your resources to maximize social media engagement. 

 2. Establish a Compelling Brand Identity

The best way to achieve this is to focus on consistency. Your profiles across multiple platforms shouldn’t be different from one another; rather, they should maintain a cohesive look. This entails selecting fonts, colors, and imagery that uniformly identify your brand. 

 3. Fine-Tune Your Profiles

The job never stops the moment you create your profiles. You need to continually hone them by uploading professional images, videos, and other media that represent your brand. 

  • Keep your image sizes correct and readily appealing.
  • Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in the description and bio.
  • Include links to your website and other social profiles where appropriate. 

 4. Proactively Interact With Your Target Audience

This can be as simple as taking the time to respond to comments, messages, and mentions without much delay to show that you value their input. By actively interacting with them, asking them to share your post, and in turn, making them popular, you send good signals to social media algorithms

5. Track and Follow Relevant Brand Profiles

A great social media engagement strategy never wastes an opportunity to expand reach and build more connections. By following relevant brand profiles, you add value to conversations and, in turn, build visibility, seize partnership opportunities, and attract new followers. 

 6. Post User-Relevant Content

As much as possible, it should align with their aspirations, interests, and pain points. Learn how to provide valuable insights and solutions that will resonate with them and encourage them to engage and share your content.

 7. Capitalize on a Unique Brand Voice

By developing a distinct voice, you smoothly set yourself apart from your competitors. Give it a touch of personality and use a tone that reflects what your brand stands for and what resonates with your audience.  

 8. Start a UGC Campaign

A UGC (user-generated content) campaign allows you to foster social media customer engagement and build a sense of community at the same time. Successful campaigns are characterized by challenges, contests, and giveaways that your audience would jump at the chance of joining. 

 9. Stay Trendy

Staying informed about current trends and popular topics will allow you to seamlessly incorporate the ones that are relevant to the type of social content you’re sharing. 

 10. Engage With Questions

Who would have thought that an excellent way to increase social media engagement is to simply ask questions? Just as you are picky with your social media agency services and ask them multiple questions prior to hiring, the same approach should be adopted when sending queries and encouraging discussions among your audience. 

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 11. Let Your Employees Shine

This is one of the best ways to humanize your brand. Take the time to highlight your employees’ achievements, expertise, and behind-the-scenes moments, which only build trust and engagement. 

 12. Open Your Doors to Micro-Influencers

Almost every niche nowadays has micro-influencers that are open to doing collaborations. Be sure to choose the ones with a dedicated following already. You can run joint campaigns and create co-branded content.

13. Host Live Sessions

These can be webinars, virtual events, and Q&A events, so you can interact with your audience in real time. This paves the way too building credibility and engagement, as well as valuable insights you can use to improve your campaign.

 14. Stick to a Posting Schedule

Consistency extends to essential activities, all the more so for how you post you on social media. Pinpoint the most optimal times to post for each platform, while maintaining the quality of your content. 

15. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Research all the hashtags you should be using and incorporate them into your posts. Hashtags have proven time and again that they can enhance discoverability, widens its reach, and entices them to participate in conversations. 

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16. Promote Across Different Channels

Cross-promoting content on websites, blogs, emails, and other social networks encourages your audience to follow you on social media and engage with what you have to share. 

 17. Conduct Polls

This is a great way to gather audience feedback, opinions, and preferences. You can use what you gather to further tweak your strategy and tailor your future campaigns to make the most out of your resources and avoid past hiccups. 

18. Add a Touch of Humor

Who says social media marketing agency services are all stone-faced, strictly business types? They’ll more than likely tell you that you can’t go wrong with infusing a little comedy/memes in your content.

It grabs attention and humanizes your brand further. It also makes your post highly shareable.

19. Ask Your Audience To Tag Others

These can be their friends, colleagues, and relatives. This can only be good for your brand as it widens its reach (usually passively) and exposes it to new people, which are all essential for growing your active audience. 

 20. Entice People To Follow You

Engagement posts for social media often rely on promos, incentives, and exclusive content to attract your immediate followers These perks show that you care for your audience and encourage them to stay loyal to you. All these only point to growth in your follower base.

 21. Say No to Buying Followers

Paying to boost social media followers is bad news. After all, fake accounts bring nothing to the table and, worse, will only harm your brand’s credibility. Remember that people yearn for authenticity, and you’ll only be diminishing it if you go this route. 

 22. Rely on the Power of Words at the Start of Posts

Power words, strategically placed at the start of posts. Choose words that evoke emotions, curiosity, and even intrigue, such as “Price Drop” or “Free Giveaway”.

23. Build a Facebook group

These groups allow you to build a community of people with shared interests. Such a quality only makes valuable discussions that much easy to start and develop. It’s also easier for them to encourage to share content this way.  

24. Host a Regular Twitter Chat

Organize a chat based on a specific topic or hashtag relevant to your niche. Engage with anyone who participates by answering questions, and facilitating discussions. This aids in building long-term relationships. 

25. Keep using emojis

Emojis radiate personality and keeps your content visually appealing. More importantly, they convey emotions that words can’t achieve. This will only make you stand out more.


In the end, social media engagement serves as a good gauge of how genuinely interested and committed your audience is to your brand. It’s safe to say that it’s hard to foster that same authenticity in other channels and mediums (because social media is a haven for deeply human connections, in the first place). That only underlines its importance for marketers in this day and age. 

Lastly, make sure you’re working with the right social media management agency during your campaigns. All the better if they recognize the value of the insights shared here. 

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