5+ Marketing Automation Steps: Kick-Start Modernizing Your Business

5+ Marketing Automation Steps: Kick-Start Modernizing Your Business


If your chosen Digital Marketing Agency still isn’t offering marketing automation solutions, it may be high time to start looking for better partnerships. Be on the lookout for the ones that know all the essentials of Marketing Automation Steps because you’re more likely to enjoy the coveted boosts across all metrics with their help.

Before you start your journey in this particular field, it won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with marketing automation methods. This step-by-step guide to getting started with marketing automation will help get you in a position where you can leverage every great perk it has to offer.

Why Remarketing Matters

Applied in coordination with retargeting, remarketing can boost conversions without looking for new leads every time. After all, remarketing involves continuously engaging customers who have already made a purchase from you in the past. 

It’s usually done by sending emails to the said users. Coupled with retargeting through ads, it has led to noteworthy results because these customers are 8x less costly to reach and 70% easier to convert.

Just how powerful is it? Look no further than these stats and success stories:

  • UK company, Periscopix, reduced their cost per acquisition by as high as 99% and increased their full account signups in their home country by 28%. 
  • US wine company, Total Wine, increased its revenue by 20.7% on a year-over-year basis with the help of remarketing and enjoyed a 6:1 lifetime return on advertisement spending.
  • Mazda boosted its car sales’ value by 98% more than offline sales. 

What’s the common denominator of all these success stories? They know which remarketing and Marketing Automation Steps to take. 

Given the newness of the said solution, it can be hard to have direction. The steps written below provide it for you. 

Can’t-Miss Marketing Automation Steps Every Serious Marketer Should Be Doing

If, unsurprisingly, the facts outlined above have piqued your interest and want to learn how to start your own automation business or simply want to automate your business process (as a handful of companies are doing), then there’s no better starting point than the following tried-and-tested Marketing Automation Steps:

  1. Set a Goal First and Foremost

    As any well-meaning Internet marketing agency will say, you need to set goals from the get-go. When doing marketing automation, it’s no different.

    Marketing automation platforms can deliver varied solutions, after all, and you need to have a crystal-clear idea of what you want to achieve. You won’t get that much-needed sense of direction, otherwise. 

      • Do you simply want to boost productivity?
      • Are you all about acquiring the ideal ROI as efficiently as possible?
      • Are you aiming to personalize your campaigns more?
      • Do you need to boost retention?
      • Are more customers insights your clear focus?

    Whether you’re engaging in mobile advertising or doing email marketing services, you simply can’t launch a great campaign without the main goal in mind. 

  2. Do Lead Acquisition and Segmentation

    With the aid of the right marketing automation platforms, both your sales and marketing teams can collaborate easier. A good platform knows how to provide ready-to-use tools you can utilize to segment your audience and send them the right, highly-targeted emails at the most suitable times (aka drip campaigns). 

    In most cases, this requires the integration of the essential tools that will make drip campaigns a close to an effortless weapon to wield by any marketer. 

digital marketing agency

Boost Up Your Conversions Via Remarketing

Reach clients wherever they are by delivering highly targeted campaigns at the locations and times when they are most likely to interact.

  1. Settle for No Less Than an Optimized Website

    It won’t do to just continuously rely on building lists and automating previously manual marketing steps. Always remember that your website serves as the front door to your business. Any remarketing effort is bound to be futile if your site isn’t optimized with user convenience in mind.What’s good is that doing is almost always a step toward lending to your site’s SEO, so it’s a step that you shouldn’t ever forgo. 

  2. Launch Marketing Campaigns

    Once all the preliminary steps are done, it’s time to launch your marketing automation campaign.

    1. Keep Track of the Customer Journey

      The best marketing automation companies will choose to focus on how to enhance the customer journey persistently. They understand the crucial step of making sure that you’re listening to and delivering the customers’ needs.

      Also, it will be hard to know which personalized ads to share with the help of marketing automation, otherwise. More importantly, it allows you to pinpoint weak points, which may or may not warrant a drastic change in direction for your campaign

    2. Create a Content Strategy Centered on Your Goals

      Marketing automation delivers most of its benefits in making content creation easier. However, you can’t make the most out of it without a sound content strategy.

      The tools also need to know where they’re going, so it’s only right for your strategy to be aligned with your goals.

    3. Develop Your Email List

      List-building is the key to retargeting, remarketing, and long-term traffic acquisition that goes beyond SEO. Automated email marketing will only deliver top-tier results if it has a respectable list to work with.

      What’s great is that you can also use automation tools to help you build your email list form the ground up. 

    4. Conduct Regular Monitoring and Optimizations
      A successful campaign is almost always one where the marketers never tire of optimizing strategies and steps and being just as dedicated to monitoring. There’s no shortcut when it comes to this because marketing automation can only go so far in helping you cut corners.

  3. Do Lead Scoring

    Not all leads are worth pursuing. Just because you have the effort and time-saving capabilities of marketing automation as your advantage doesn’t mean that you should wantonly chase after every lead.

    What’s great is that some marketing automation solutions help you set up a superior lead scoring model, one can often help segment lists in a more dynamic way. Usually, this involves assigning a point to every notable action a lead does (e.g. visiting a page, clicking email link, reading the email, etc.)

  4. Dive Into the Details Regarding ROI and Campaign Performance

    If you’re just starting out, it obviously pays to be more prudent when it comes to how your campaign is going and how soon you’ll be able to get your ROI. Marketing automation tools for small businesses should be able to provide you with reliable data analytics solutions for the purpose. 

    You have to have an intimate knowledge of performance and ROI in order to make timely decisions and adjustments that will prevent possible losses. 


Truly, the wonders of marketing automation do well to illuminate the compelling, unique advantage of the latter in the traditional marketing vs digital marketing discussion. 

It goes without saying that every business should seize the opportunity it provides by learning and executing the best Marketing Automation Steps at present. And, yes, they’re labelled as the best for the very reason that they’re responsible for the abounding success that many enterprises enjoy with their help. 

Not all marketing automation tools are cut from the same cloth, though. This highlights the importance of choosing the right tools and knowing what features will benefit you the most for a given marketing hallenge. 

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