7 Reasons Why AI-Driven Google Shopping Ads Is Tough To Beat in Ecommerce

7 Reasons Why AI-Driven Google Shopping Ads Is Tough To Beat in Ecommerce


AI, which once only figured primarily in science fiction, has taken our world by storm. We already saw glimpses of its potential in various industries, e-commerce included, but it’s only now that we’re truly seeing what it’s capable of. You need not look further than how AI in Google shopping ads is being applied to outstanding results at present to see the obvious unprecedented advantages. 

Ai driven Google shopping ads

What Is AI and How Does It Work in E-Commerce?

Artificial intelligence, in its current iteration and application of AI in ecommerce, counts as a “learning” technology. It’s learning in the sense that it uses algorithms to learn data and improve its performance over time – which is why it has a subfield called machine learning.

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce can aid businesses in a plethora of neat ways. These are but some of the proven AI applications in e-commerce that have helped businesses achieve their previously-unrealized goals:

  • Virtual Assistants + Voice Commerce

This tandem allows users to make purchases using voice commands with the help of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Being completely done by voice, it eliminates the need for further manual effort.

Additionally, the said virtual assistants will be able to make suggestions, find products, place orders, and even fulfill payments for customers. Of course, lessening the burden on customers and making the shopping experience as convenient as possible only means infinitely better satisfaction and, in turn, drives e-commerce sales growth.

  • Smart Search

Not only does smart search help users quickly find what they’re looking for, but it also aids in understanding their intent. This only paves the way for better engagement and more e-commerce revenue.

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  • Personalization

This has long been tied to AI trends in ecommerce and other industries. In this case, it’s about tailoring the shopping experience based on customer interest and behavior. The AI will recommend products and offers based on those, which again lends to satisfaction and encourages loyalty. 

  • Automation

Repetitive tasks can be completed with zero human intervention. These tasks include customer service, order processing, and inventory management. This only guarantees time saving and cost reduction that translates to optimized e-commerce sales. It’s no wonder this plus personalization has been part of top digital marketing trends in recent years. 

  • Remarketing

With AI, you’ll be able to re-target customers who have already shown interest in what you have to offer. Just imagine being able to capitalize on highly targeted product listing ads, which already have a higher CTR than standard text ads. 

How Can AI Improve Google Shopping Ads?

Ai in google shopping ads

Optimizing Google Shopping Ads

AI in Google shopping ads leads to a comprehensive improvement in ad performance. Part of what makes this possible is that it allows you to make better real-time bidding decisions. After all, these decisions will always be based on ad performance, customer behavior, and relevant queries.In short, you get to make the most out of each ad expenditure since you’ll be able to get higher conversions. So if you’ve been wondering how to optimize Google shopping ads, you definitely need to look at AI integration. 

Targeting Customers

AI-based targeting will aid businesses in promptly identifying the right customers for the right products. AI’s ability to understand customers in a more in-depth manner will make it possible to create a more effective Google shopping ad that has more relevancy and personalization. 

Product Listing Refinement

AI will be able to pinpoint keywords from descriptions and even images and suggest the ones that will attract customers the most. You can efficiently raise the relevance of PLA ads this way, and this has been found to lead to equally higher conversions. 

Ads Personalization

Google shopping campaigns that are more personalized often make use of messages that resonate with the customer’s interests. You’ll likely be able to serve these personalized ads and launch more successful campaigns with AI’s inordinate ability to analyze customer data.


Supercharge Your Business With AI

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Better Efficiency

You won’t have to deal with inventory management, product listing optimization, and supply chain management yourself. And, what’s even better is that, once properly set up, you won’t have to worry about errors and can only expect better efficiency and profitability. 

Customer Experience

With the aid of personalization, only the most relevant ads will be shown and the page layout can be promptly adjusted based on the user’s device and screen size. Other ways customer experience can be boosted are through chatbots, visual search, and other forms of predictive analytics. 

Boosting Sales and Profits

Most PMax campaigns already give you plenty of advantages such as multi-channel advertisement and the freedom to indicate your campaign’s goal. What more if we add AI’s ability to improve the performance of Google Shopping Ads, Performance max ads, and other marketing channels?

5 Proven Profit-Boosting Methods Courtesy of AI

If you want a list of the direct benefits of AI in ecommerce, then you can start with these five, which should essentially answer the fundamental e-commerce FAQ you may have:

Optimize Product Titles and Metadata

By using AI to do this, businesses will be able to improve their product listings’ relevance and match them with highly converting keywords. It will also attract more customers. 

AI will be able to pinpoint the optimal product titles and attributes to include in the product feed. This will improve the overall accuracy of targeting and CTR.

Improve Your Ad Campaigns

AI in Google shopping ads means you’ll always have the advantage of optimizing your campaign based on the product’s individual performance and gross margin groups. You’ll be able to identify the ideal bidding strategies, use your resources more effectively, and achieve the ROAS you want. 

5 ways Ai can increase the ecommerce sales

Collect All the Click Data You Want

AI works well with Tier Logic to gather more click data. This applies to all products, regardless of their current click count. By using AI to push products upwards in tiers, businesses may boost the AI’s predictability capability and, in turn, optimize their campaigns.

Constantly Bid Better

AI will be able to study your competitors’ bidding strategies and analyze impression share. This way, you’ll always be able to bid higher and boost sales. Bidding higher while always adjusting your bids when the need arises always keeps your ads highly visible.

Your Competitor’s Best Price

This is crucial since it often leads to higher conversions. You get rid of pricing disadvantages with the help of AI since it can adjust the bid prices based on the competitors’ pricing. The icing on the cake is that you won’t have to do all these time-consuming processes yourself, all while having peace of mind. 


What’s sure is that AI at present has since overcome the crude associations tied to it. If you’ve been watching the evolution of AI in mobile app development, then you likely already foresaw this, but to study the great leaps and big waves it has made is still undoubtedly fascinating.

The way AI in Google shopping ads is being rolled out, as we speak, provides crystal-clear evidence as it is. 

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