AI Trends 2020: What It Brings to Mobile Industry?

AI Trends 2020: What It Brings to Mobile Industry?


Artificial intelligence is set to nestle in the field of future technology. It’s inevitable. Current trends in mobile app development affirm this. This also confirms the certainty of AI permeating daily life of people in the future. In turn, this heralds a time of excitement, as should be expected if there is a great shift that is about to affect the norm.

That AI software development  has had and will have such an immense impact on equally budding industries in technology is not at all a surprise. After all, it successfully proved its unprecedented benefits in mobile app development and digital marketing. These included better personalization when addressing customer feedback, faster scaling of content, error mitigation, and even improving ROI through customer behavior prediction.

Of course, these are but its fundamental advantages. In order to fully highlight its power, it’s important to expound on its positive effects on each specific sector. And artificial intelligence trends 2020 do well in easily revealing them. With that said, here’s a look at the said AI trends so you can see for yourself why artificial intelligence is bound to shake mobile app development to its core.

AI Trends 2020

AI in Internet of Things

Since Internet of Things relates to connecting devices, the need for real-time processing is omnipresent. From capturing license plates for parking payments to a thermostat automatically adjusting the temperature in a room, IoT requires rapid responses to specific conditions.

AI complements IoT extremely well with these things considered because it is, first and foremost, smart technology. It makes processing of large quantities of data coming from any number of device in real-time very uncomplicated and streamlined. Of course, AI also makes maintenance and continued operation less costly as well. In short, expect AI to be married to IoT because it’s a practical and logical move that will unlock the full capabilities of both.

AI in AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality opens plenty of opportunities for better immersion in fully rendered environments. In order to make this technology more sophisticated, better attention would have to be given when mapping and creating those environments.

In the past, it’s hard for headsets to detect horizontal and vertical planes, but with AI it’s now a possibility. And it’s not just limited to that. With the help of AI, for example, you can get more precise depth perception when performing surgery. And the device will promptly make accurate adjustments to ensure optimal results.

AI in Social Media

It’s been more than five years since Facebook integrated AI into their platform, and the latter has since shaped the former’s evolution. Practically all fundamental features of social networks rely on AI now, from looking for a specific friend using image recognition to filtering content on your feed.

Aspects of social media like audience targeting for ad campaigns, online marketing, and content designing are also influenced by AI. AI gives ready access to invaluable user data, allowing you to understand your audience better without too much difficulty. This will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy quickly and even ensure its success.

AI in Medical Technology

Medical imaging through AI is nothing short of revolutionary because it makes quick noninvasive imaging a possibility. Imagine being able to use your smartphone to conduct on-site diagnostics. Think of the time (and lives) this will save!

AI penetrates the medical field further as evidenced by its influence on biometrics, the discovery of new drugs, and even help immensely in on-going clinical studies. For instance, clinical trials are often so vast and the information coming in can be hard to organize and compare. Thanks to AI technology, medical records’ information can be easily analyzed and compared so more suitable candidates for the trials can be suggested.

As for developing new drugs, AI biotech shows a lot of promise because it could excise the normally lengthy process involved in drug discovery. AI medical consultation app have developed to enhance the medical field to the next level.

artificial intelligence

Why AI Integration in Mobile Apps Is Essential?

AI is getting advanced and has collaborated with mobile app development as AI-powered solutions which help the companies to evolve their models and bring in new innovations.

AI in Retail and e-Commerce

Search technology will always be entangled with the e-commerce and retail sectors. AI has transformed and will continue to transform online search, and that it’s still seeing plenty of investments is an obvious sign of this. Search term context is slowly being mastered by AI, and a lot of businesses will certainly benefit from this.

The same applies to retail scenarios where minimal intervention would be required when customers checkout. Already, some companies make checkout-free capabilities available to their customers. With AI, you can easily keep track of your inventory better. Peer-to-peer networks also benefit from AI integration by bringing about better transparency in search engines.

AI in Logistics

Conducting effective logistics strategies entails as much precision and accuracy as well. Making logistics forecasts with as much of those qualities as possible takes productivity to the next level. And AI lets you do this by allowing you to know the areas with the highest demand at present so you can quickly move your vehicles there. You get to know what the market specifically wants at any given time, in short.

You want to cut as much operational costs as possible as well, right? Well, this is just one of the snowball effects of better predictive capabilities afforded by artificial intelligence.

Robotics involved in AI also makes tracking, locating, and moving inventory more efficient as well. Even the management and operation of the warehouses that house your inventory can also be greatly enhanced by AI. Productivity boosts abound in such scenarios and this has already been proven by manufacturing industries adopting AI.

AI in Gaming

AI app benefits shine a lot in the gaming field, particularly in ensuring that the player gets a very personalized experience while playing. With the use of AI algorithms, developers will easily be privy to their individual wants and use those preferences as a gauge of how they would construct their game environment and dictate mobile app development as a whole.

Other gaming aspects that AI vastly improves include enhanced visualization technology as well as the inclusion of voice assistants while playing in real-time. Interaction and engagement only ever increase once these elements are improved.


Artificial intelligence became a prevalent buzzword in mainstream technology for a number of reasons, and they are all outlined above. AI trends occupy a vast majority of current technology trends. It is dominating the technology, to say the least. Since it has such potent and versatile capabilities, this should no longer be a surprise. And, without a doubt, the future that will be unfurling before our very eyes will be rife of its influence.

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