Business Blogging Tactics to Produce Positive Results

Business Blogging Tactics to Produce Positive Results

Blogging has emerged as a viable internet marketing strategy and this trend seems to be here to stay. However, simply cranking out a bunch of general blog posts isn’t going to do the trick. Instead, you need quality blog posts that give readers up to date cutting edge information about your business and brand and pull them in to take a closer look.


Invest in Writing Quality Blog Posts

Statistics continue to reveal the truth about successful business blogging. Quality blog posts are proving to be far more beneficial to a business than low-quality general blog posts. As a result, bloggers are investing more time in their writing to create informative high-quality posts. In fact, statistics have revealed that bloggers that spend more than 6 hours a week on their blog posts reported the strongest results which prove that blogging is consistently showing itself to be a viable form of marketing for businesses, so much so that many bloggers have begun to invest more time in this proven method.

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Write Longer Post that Includes Media

Another successful emerging trend is the move towards longer blog posts that include some form of media. Blog posts of 1,000 words or more faired better than much shorter ones. In fact, bloggers who included some form of relevant and effective media along with a longer blog post noticed a significant increase in their results. Longer blog posts paired with paid media were noted as the most effective means of creating brand exposure. Bloggers who invested in this practice could expect to see a 300% increase in growth over a 2-year period. These longer posts result in a stronger outreach for both existing and potential customers.

Use Analytics

Over half of business bloggers rely on analytics to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. This is a good sign because statistics have proven that analytics are quite helpful in guiding business strategy. Bloggers who regularly checked and relied on analytics reported stronger results from their blog posts. This fact proves the validity and helpfulness of using analytics to help guide business strategy in order to produce more favorable results. In fact, over 30% of bloggers who paid attention to analytics produced favorable results. The emerging truth regarding blogging and analytics supports the fact that consistency is the key. Bloggers who were consistent with the measurements that analytics produced tended to have better results.

Growing trends continue to confirm that business blogging is an essential part of any good search engine marketing strategy. To approach it loosely and without a qualitative focus on producing up to date, relevant content is a big mistake. Quality content has the ability to drive traffic to a website and enhance brand exposure and knowledge, which are all essential tools when it comes to maintaining and growing a customer base. Quality blog posts can keep a brand both visible and relevant.

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