Meet Devin – The World’s First Ever AI Software Engineer

Meet Devin – The World’s First Ever AI Software Engineer


Introduction of Devin

Say hello to the newest AI kid on the block – Devin. This is the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer that is able to leverage programming and hours of machine learning to perform and execute some of the duties of your typical developer. While Devin’s release is still some way off, it shows great promise and may just be the new frontier of AI in software development.  At the moment though, Devin seems to take over iterative coding tasks to free up human developers for more complex or higher-value roles. So where does AI fit into the software development puzzle? What can it truly do and does this mean the end for its human counterparts? We answer this and more questions as we peek behind the curtains into what promises to be the best AI for programming applications. Let’s get started. 

The Cradle of Devin

Devin is the brainchild of American-based teams in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York. It is the propriety technology of a company called Cognition, which specializes in building intelligent AI systems. It has its own browser, command line, and code editor and can work independently with little to no human intervention.

It was Cognition’s wish to build an AI code assistant that can collaborate with real engineers to help make the software development process less time and effort-intensive. Built by a small team with a big vision, and no doubt helped by the $21 million in funding that they secured from the Founders Fund, they created Devin to help write code and build software.

Devin has become so effective at its job, that it has passed practical engineering jobs from some of the best AI companies, and even successfully completed real jobs on Upwork.

How Devin makes a difference as a Software Engineer

This software engineer AI is no slouch and can pretty much carry its own weight in any team. From enabling web development using AI to helping you generate code using AI, Devin AI knows no boundaries and can become an invaluable member of any team.
In particular, here’s how Devin AI contributes to helping software development teams:

  • Building Applications – This AI software engineer can even independently write code for a new application. A case in point is the enthralling Game of Life app that Devin was able to create from scratch by itself, which makes for a fascinating AI in programming example.
  • Deploying Applications – It doesn’t stop there. Devin AI is also one of the best AI coding assistants, as it can also take over app deployment. In the case of the previous game, it was able to deploy Game of Life to Netlify fully.
  • App Testing – According to Cloudomation, the average developer spends over 17 hours a week on software maintenance tasks such as debugging, refactoring, and fixing bugs. These are tasks that Devin AI can help with to help free up more hours for other meaningful work.

Devin giving rise to a new dawn in software development

For one, AI creations like Devin can be instrumental in reducing time-to-market for various software products. With complex projects sometimes taking up to 5 years or more according to a report by Enkonix, an AI code creator might just be the secret to cutting down on this time. It can accelerate app building and testing, helping to ensure that projects are completed with faster turnaround.

Additionally, AI software development can also help shore up software vulnerabilities even better. By analyzing the application more comprehensively to identify weaknesses that bad actors could explore to correlate these deficiencies with an up-to-date database of modern threats, the result will be more secure software going forward.

But that’s not all. AI-based software development will also be key in realizing an era where software is more reliable than in the past. That’s because of AI’s higher efficacy at spotting and anticipating problems with the code base far before a product makes it to market. With human developers sometimes missing bugs due to fatigue and human error, AI can help seal these loopholes to ensure more stable applications with fewer performance issues.

How Software Developers can adapt to AI

Machine learning algorithms like Devin AI can be a big help in software development. That said, here are just a few ways human developers can adapt to AI and bring it into their workflows to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Reskilling and Upskilling – AI certainly throws a new curve ball into the mix, and it requires that software engineers upgrade their skill sets. For example, there may be a need to learn about data analytics and machine learning to be able to get the most out of Devin AI.
  • Being Open to Change – Cultural resistance is one of the biggest obstacles to digital transformation, and it’s also the case for AI in software development. There’s a need to sensitize developers on what AI means so that we can eliminate uncertainty and embrace a more positive outlook on AI code assistants.
  • Seeking Feedback and Improvement – The learning process never stops with AI, just as it’s the case with other new technologies. It’s important that developers continually self-assess to gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement so that you can revise your learning strategy accordingly.

AI Software

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The Key to Attracting & Does this mean the end of Human Developers?

Artificial Intelligence Stats

When we talk about AI-based software development, battle lines suddenly get drawn pitting a man vs machine war. However, it’s not a case of two competing forces, rather they are both on the same side, complementing each other’s strengths and failings alike.

Humans are critical in software development, but the role of AI in software development, deployment, and maintenance can also not be overlooked. So will AI replace human developers? We don’t think so.

For all its gains, there’s just no substitute for human creativity, flair, and talent. What’s more, AI can also develop certain biases and is unable to create and innovate. Thus, there’s a need for a human touch to ensure authenticity in software development.

In a nutshell, human developers will be much better off with AI by their side as it can augment our skills and abilities. However, it cannot completely replace their human counterparts.

What the future holds for AI in Software Engineering

So we’ve established that AI will not be replacing human developers anytime soon, but what does that mean for AI? What exact roles can we expect it to play and how will it fit into the software engineering puzzle going forward? Well, here’s our two cents.

With its market progressing at a CAGR of 38%, we can expect to see more intelligent innovations like Devin AI becoming continually integrated into our workflows. Much in the same way we rely on various tools to fulfill our everyday jobs, such as code editors, A/B testing software, and so on, so too will AI become an invaluable tool in software engineering going forward.

In terms of what exactly it will do therein, we can expect it to help us generate and review codes at a much faster rate. It’s also possible that, at some point in time, we’ll be able to fully delegate routine development tasks that don’t require a lot of creative input such as refactoring, debugging, and testing, among others.

While AI falls short in its ability to think on its feet, it will augment the abilities of human developers to free more time and resources for software innovation to truly thrive. For now, though, it’s still baby steps as these algorithms take on more information to keep on learning. Eventually, they’ll evolve to become more accurate, efficient, and useful.


If the notion of AI strikes fear into your heart, we hope this article has turned around your perspective. As developers, we should embrace smart assistants like Devin AI as the next step of evolution, with these algorithms set to become a valuable addition to our software development teams. Just like the knife is a tool that makes work easier, AI is an innovation we can wield to accelerate app development and even plug staffing shortages by outsourcing mundane work that eats up a lot of our time. All in all, AI looks set to help us streamline software development workflows, in a way that may even create more opportunities for both human and AI counterparts alike.

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