Dot Com Infoway Launches Mobile App Business Consultation Services

Dot Com Infoway Launches Mobile App Business Consultation Services

Dot Com Infoway, a leading IT solutions, digital marketing and app marketing agency, recently launched mobile app business consulting services to help mobile apps reach their target audience in time and be appreciated as well.

Mobile App Business Consulting Services

Did you know that more than half the world’s population has access to mobile internet, with millennials spending up to 185 minutes each day accessing online content on their mobile devices? Providing this constant stream of content to the users are over 2.8 million apps on the Android platform and 2.2 million plus apps on the Apple App Store. It is hardly a surprise then most people turn to apps for the smallest of requirements – be it ordering food or clothes or transferring money or booking a cab or even reading the news. In short, a mobile app is crucial to the success of businesses today.

However, despite the staggering increase in the number of apps that are flooding the market on a daily basis, did you know that many of the downloaded apps are not used more than once in the first six months of being downloaded? Thus, apps are not only responsible for the success but also the failure of many business ventures in the world.

Yes, as a business owner, there is no way you can stay away from the mobile revolution. It is crucial that you invest in a mobile app and ensure that it is not lost in the sea of apps crowding the mobile app marketplace.

Get your app the attention it deserves

Great ideas are often not enough to ensure success in a highly competitive world where a book is first judged by its cover and then its merit. This is precisely the reason that many interesting and engaging apps don’t make a mark as they fail to reach the target audience due to lack of proper marketing.

To make your app get noticed in the crowded app stores, it is crucial to back it with a well-thought-out app marketing strategy.

Professional App Consulting Services

Dot Com Infoway is a globally renowned app development and marketing agency. Our team comprises of experts who have created engaging mobile applications for many business ventures leading to higher conversions and increased ROI in minimal time.

The reason behind our success is a dedicated process that ensures your application is properly marketed and reaches your target audience. Give your app the DCI advantage by availing our ace mobile app business consultation to create the most engaging experience for your clients and a rewarding app for your business.

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