Effective Ways to Achieve Success with App Advertising

Effective Ways to Achieve Success with App Advertising

It’s no secret that most mobile users would rather download free apps than pay for them. As a result, app developers have had to come up with more strategic ways of monetizing apps and at the same time engaging users. Luckily, advertising is a popular and highly effective means of increasing the success of an app. However, as with any approach, there are certain measures that any app developer should take when trying to achieve success through mobile advertising.


Combining Advertising & Engagement

In-app advertising should not limit, eliminate, or take away from the enjoyment of the app itself. Advertising that is disruptive in these ways generally doesn’t yield much. Instead, the key to in-app advertising is to include advertising that generates revenue while concurrently keeping users engaged to the maximum extent. This approach does nothing to compete with the content of the app or take away from it but instead exists beside it in a way that’s unobtrusive. If your advertising severely limits the functionality of your app unless an in-app purchase is made, you will more than likely lose a significant number of users.


There must be integrity in advertising if it’s going to be effective. In other words, there must be absolute transparency when it comes to the terms in order for app developers to successfully use a particular advertising model. An in-app purchase situation that doesn’t follow strict rules or take advantage of the right techniques could lead to many complaints and possible lawsuits. This is particularly true when it comes to children’s apps. It must be clearly optional for users to make in-app purchases by way of your app, and follow all the rules and incorporate the appropriate techniques for using the model.

Beware of the Pitfalls of Third-Party Ad Networks

Some mobile ad networks have made a practice of collecting sensitive user information like location and contact information without permission. This is one of the biggest risks that in-app advertising carries, making it possible to effect many users with malware capable of collecting identifying user information without permission. Both Android and Google Play have come under fire for this. The only true solution to this problem is to avoid third-party ad networks that are well known for using malware and instead partner with mobile ad networks that are known for their integrity. This will take research and time spent on different forums to ensure that you choose a mobile network that doesn’t compromise user information.

Advertising can be an effective vehicle for app developers if it’s executed in the right way and with the highest level of integrity. Advertising that can exist alongside app content without competing with it in a way that interrupts the functionality of the app is what every app developer should strive for. All advertising should be transparent in regards to the terms and make the in-app purchase an optional choice. Advertising that utilizes the best and most effective techniques for the advertising model will effectively help to enhance the success of an app.

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