Facebook Video: How to Optimize & Get it Viral

Facebook Video: How to Optimize & Get it Viral

As of 2016, Facebook had over a billion daily users, both general and mobile, clearly proving that it’s a strong vehicle for any brand that wants to get noticed. Videos have become the hot spot and a sure way to create interest and views. Facebook has thrown the spotlight on videos making their use explode on this popular social media platform. Business owners have clearly been shown that the video wave is the way to go to reach potential customers with Facebook and this can be done successful with social media marketing strategies. However, what does it take to make a video go viral? This is what any savvy brand wants to do to put their name on the map.


Content is Still Important

Develop the content that your audience wants to see. This requires paying attention so that the content you create is compelling. Compelling content is content that keeps the audience in mind from beginning to end by solidly answering questions regarding what the video will do for them and how the video meets their interests and needs. These are the bones of creating strong shareable content. If you fail to do this your video will flop.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel…Do What Works

Pay attention to what’s trending and don’t deviate from it. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Do what works and what has been working. This requires paying close attention. This is a constant task to stay abreast with popular trends. Don’t ignore the details either. If square videos are the rage instead of landscape, by all means, follow what’s hot. However, keep in mind that what’s hot can change fairly quickly. This is why you must constantly keep your ear to the ground to see what’s coming down the pike.

Optimize to Complement People’s Real Watching Environments

Make sure your videos are set up to complement people’s real watching environments. These days, mobile is a popular platform for most users. Furthermore, people watch almost anywhere. They could be in line at the grocery store checking out a video. This is perhaps why silent mode is so popular on Facebook. This complements the ability for a video to be watched anywhere inconspicuously. This is currently a realistic watching environment for many users. This means that your video must look compelling from the first frame, because it may be watched in silence. If the first frame doesn’t grab the attention of your audience you may have lost an opportunity to reel your audience in. Make sure the video is eye catching and attention grabbing from the first frame, and that it’s not dependent on sound.

The steps to help a video go viral require paying attention to popular trends and what works in general. Content still matters, so videos still need to strongly and overtly cater to the audience they are trying to capture. Do what works and create videos that can be entertaining within a users real watching environment. This may be in line at a grocery store or at a bank. This obviously means that a video may need to be silent in order to be watched in these types of environments. As a result, create a video that’s compelling from the first frame, even if it has to be watched in silence.

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