How A/B Testing Helps in Improving your App Conversion Rate

How A/B Testing Helps in Improving your App Conversion Rate

If you’re looking to improve your apps conversion rate you may want to consider A/B testing. No one builds an app to watch it flounder, however, it behooves the developer to have some idea of how it will perform before hand, if possible. A/B testing gives app developers the opportunity to see how well an app will perform and how users will react to it with A/B testing.


What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing compares two options as a way of determining which one is preferred by app users. Although this form of testing can be used to compare anything, in the app world it’s usually used to compare some aspect of an app. These tests compare two options and analyze the results. App developers use these tests to boost conversion rates. A/B testing is also referred to as split testing and bucket testing.

How is A/B testing Approached?

A/B testing always begins with a hypothesis or theory. A developer may want to find out which button or word will draw more users. It could be the blue button versus the red button or sign up versus register. A test is set up to see which option users prefer. The test is set up and traffic is collected for both options. Once the test results are in and analyzed, the preferred option or user choice is revealed. All the traffic is randomly distributed among the other variations as well as the control version. These tests are conducted without users being aware of the testing. Once the results are analyzed a clear winner is determined which also reveals which choice would perform better for a particular app.

How Does A/B Testing Improve Conversion Rates?

This form of testing is effective because it determines what is working or will work and what is a waste of money. It’s an extremely realistic experiment purposely put together to test an option before continuing to spend money on it or before spending money on it at all. It gives the developer a realistic look into w2hat option will be more popular with a target audience before continuing to spend more money or before the initial expense has been spent. The results derived from A/B tests are trustworthy because the test subjects don’t realize that they are part of an experiment.

Any app developer that wants to boost his conversion rates with solid evidence should employ the use of A/B testing to get results that will reveal user preferences. The test reveals bankable results that have the ability to gu9ide how developers tweak or set up an app. The information is not manipulated and traffic is randomly generated for both the control option and the variants. A/B testing is a savvy way for developers to determine what an app user will prefer and respond to based on the data gathered by the tests. This is perhaps one of the best ways to determine where to spend money and where money would be wasted.

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