What is Data Driven Design and How Can it Help You to Improve Your Website?

What is Data Driven Design and How Can it Help You to Improve Your Website?


We build or have websites built for many purposes. All of those purposes require the websites to have traffic. Any website, informative or commercial is useless if people don’t know it exists.

For people to know that it exists, they must be able to find it in the haystack that is the internet. A website needs to have good ranking in Google’s search results to be found faster.

Determinants Of Website Traffic

There are certain elements that influence a website’s traffic flow, they are:

  • Design
  • SEO
  • Speed

There are other factors and elements that may affect a website’s ranking but those are the main ones. Especially, Many Internet Marketing Agencies willing to do SEO services to improve the website ranking.

Growth driven design tips

What is Data Driven Design?

The term data-driven design is by itself very straightforward. It means web design which is based on both qualitative and quantitative data. Good website design is not just about the aesthetics, it is about the target audience. Whatever purposes your website may hold it has a specific group of people as its target audience.

The target audience may be people of a certain age, culture, gender, race, or belief based on your content. All these demographic groups have their own unique way of looking at things. Data/growth driven design requires one to consider this and other things before publishing a website.

Certain cultures read from the right to left, others associate some colors with bad luck. Having this sort of information at first hand will guide you well when picking a look at your site It may also be what color or theme appeals to what age group. There are also some words that may be offensive in other languages.

Ways Data/Growth Driven Design Can Help Your Website

Say you own a women’s clothing business and you want to take it online. You may want to just advertise your business or to literally take it online.

  • The first case will require you to set up an informative website telling potential buyers how they can find your business.
  • The second case will require you to open up an e-commerce website where customers can view and buy items online. In both of these cases, you need information on the customers’ preference.

You also need to find out the most popular brands and the current fashion trend. This data will then guide you when designing what to and what not to have on your site This process is what growth driven design is all about.

If you decide to advertise your business through the website, you’ll need to use SEO more than anything else. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it influences your site’s online visibility.

With Data-driven design, you first find out what people are searching for most on the internet You figure out what words or phrases they are using most, For Example, are they searching “Salwar” or “Kurta”. Apply this Information to your website to increase in Visibility. You can use the Google Analytics tool to gather this type of data.

You can find out what is popular with people through their searches. For Example, you can figure out what item of clothing is popular this season. You can then stock that item and tell your customers and potential customers about it It is also possible to find out where most of your traffic is coming from This information will help you figure out where to focus on.

More Options

You may also decide to take your business online literally by setting up an e-commerce site. You need to know what item to stock, at what season and at what price.

In Data driven design you get that information first before starting out. Through research, you get to find out what item is popular with what demography. Gathering this information also helps you decide how to price your items. You also get to find out where to source the clothes at a better price.

Customer feedback is also a very good source of data It is always advisable to give your customers a chance and means of telling you about your services. The saying that positive criticism helps you grow could not be any more truthful. When you know what customers like and what they do not like, you can use that to make things better Use the information to make the experience even more blissful and fun. Growth-Driven Design is a very great tool for customer retention and in turn getting more of them.

What If Your Site Has A Global Outlook?

If your website targets the global market, it will be visited by people with different languages. Getting to know where most of your traffic comes from will help you with that.

You can decide how many languages your website is available in. This information will also help you decide if you do not want to have it in multiple languages. There is no need of having your content in Chinese too if over 98% of your traffic is from Germany.

Getting to know your audience’s demography comes in handy when advertising to. There is an option of paid advertisement on the internet and social media. Online advertising can reach more people than any other form of advertising. Information on your audience’s dynamics helps you know where to focus your advertisement campaigns.

It can also be useful to find out potential areas of opportunity in the market. People from the same demography tend to share taste in certain products. If young people in France are crazy about a certain product, German youngsters could too. There may be a few tiny differences in certain aspects but the product is the same. This information will come in handy if you were to decide to try out a different location.

Data/Growth Driven Design is The Way to go

Data/Growth Driven Design works; it has proven itself and will continue to. It is not a coincidence that the biggest companies in the world spend the most on R8D. Information is what sets the greats apart from the others.

Data/Growth Driven Design is all about gathering information before you act. It gives you direction and focuses; it also saves a lot of resources that would have been otherwise wasted. Don’t fall for the quick tips and hacks, take your time and reap the benefits.

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