How to Turn your Ideas to Humanizing the Mobile Apps

How to Turn your Ideas to Humanizing the Mobile Apps


Maybe you’ve thought about it for a longer period of time, maybe you have recently formulated a glorious new idea about building an mobile application for the mobile experience. There are over 1 million apps in all the major mobile stores, and as a result of this, your new idea not only needs to be wonderful and unique but must also be able to stand the constant demand of the markets. In a vast ocean of competitors, your mobile app needs to perform in a certain way that satisfies and even exceeds, all expectations of the market. With so many professionals in mobile app development process, it is important to understand what makes a mobile app really successful.

Mobile apps are among consumers most available and greatest tools. We live in a time where if we need to illuminate a dark pathway, we can adjust the flashlight on our phones with a mobile app. We don’t even need to purchase groceries, we have mobile apps that deliver straight to our doorstep. So to begin, what solicits an amazing and wildly successful mobile app?

The answer is simple, a complete and overwhelmingly satisfactory fulfillment of the needs of the end user, the solution to their problem, and adding in the human touch.


1. Begin with Your Audience in Mind

If your first instinct is to start developing multiple applications and adding them to the store for the purposes of monetization, you will become discouraged quickly. If you’ve had an idea to create an app, most likely you have seen a need for it in the market or have noticed someone in your circle needing a problem fixed. It does not matter if that problem is as small as finding a quick game to entertain yourself on the bus, or as large as solving complex mathematical equations.

The only thing that matters is to have an audience in mind, clearly, define it, and figure out where they like to spend their time If you know these things, you will have already won half the battle.

2. Features

As you begin to define your audience and their problem, you will start having multiple ideas floating around in your mind’s eye. Make sure to write them down, no matter how implausible or silly it will seem at the time. Once you have completed your list, see where they intersect, most ideas will be extensions of the same thing.

When you are beginning to map your app idea, it is recommended to focus on only one feature, and do it properly. Most successful apps have a sole feature they perform very well. If further features are needed, you can always add in those features in updates, future apps, and many other methods.

3. Simplicity During App Development

you will be using the above methods to carefully implement your ideas so that they come to fruition. You will conduct your market research and see what other apps are offering similar content to yours. Here is where some users will start to branch out and think about different features, scaling, design and other fantastic ways to make the app more glorious than its competitors.

The hit game “Flappy bird” contained a very simple and pixelated environment with only one goal, tap the bird to keep it in flight and collect coins while avoiding the obstacles in its path. With millions of downloads, Flappy bird shows us that apps do not need to be revolutionary, they just need to perform one thing very well and easily understood.


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4. Humanizing the Mobile Experience During App Development

Your mobile app needs to offer the end user a great human mobile experience. “Humanizing” is the process where the app becomes relatable to the user, and the more effective it is conducted, the more the end user will interact with the app and feel as if they are participating in multiple human elements. Depending on the application you are developing, there are more or fewer ways to achieve this desired result.

If we take our example of a Flappy bird, the human element in that design was that it was easily understood and shareable, and high scores resembled a sort of arcade mentality that brought the community together, online and offline, to compete. If you are creating a game, for example, make sure there are ways the user can get in touch with you or your team, make it simple for them to reach out and respond promptly.

5. Marketing Your App

The intricacies and fine details that go into app marketing are a double-edged sword. The good news is that there is no wrong way to do this, and the bad news is that there is no right way to do this. The eternal paradox of marketing a product or service is that if you are studying methods that have already been done by others, you will have already missed peak performance of that method, and even worse, it might already be outdated.

In the 1990s, the email open rate was as high as 94%, and now most marketers know if they receive even a 1% open rate they are very happy. The greatest way to conduct campaigns is to humanize the experience. You must ask yourself, what are the ways that customers could find out about my mobile app? how can they share? why should they care? the best way to answer these questions is to put yourself in their shoes. If someone you have never met before is sending you an invitation to download an app, how could you convince yourself? Answer that question, and you will have the beginnings of an amazing marketing strategy.


Your mobile app needs to stand out from the crowd, but do not confuse this with adding many bells and whistles during app development. Develop a strong strategy, forgive yourself for any mistakes that you make, and make sure you are keeping your audience and end goal in mind. When app marketing, ask yourself where your audience spends their time and how to deliver the solution to their problems in a way they are compelled to consume your product. Most importantly, remember the human experience, and humanize the process for your end user.

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