Infographic: 6 Steps to Build a Successful Offshore App Development Team

Infographic: 6 Steps to Build a Successful Offshore App Development Team


App development is a difficult process as it involves a lot of technical stuff, communication barrier, cost & deadline issues. To avoid going through the hassles behind the creation process like coding, most companies prefer outsourcing the app development process to dedicated developers. By doing this, businesses get to enjoy many benefits ranging from reduction of the lag time to get a good package of expertise and experience. Whatmore is that you have access to standard plug and play features since an experienced and dedicated app development team will only create unique and standard products. Having looked at the outsourcing slats benefits that you can enjoy by outsourcing your app development, here are the 6 steps to building a successful offshore mobile app development team.

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What Is an Offshore Development Team?

The offshore team business model is an agreement that exists between a client and a service provider, where the service provider procures the services of professional software developers for the client on a long-term basis. Hiring dedicated developers solve the problem of the complexity involved in developing apps in-house.

“In 2018, the global outsourcing market amounted up to $85.6 billion”

Why Do Companies Outsource?

  • 78% of business owners across the globe are satisfied with their outsourcing partner
  • 59% to reduce or control cost
  • 31% to improve service quality
  • 28% to take help from talented professionals
  • 37% to increase the amount of work to outsource for application development

Steps To Building A High Performing Offshore Development Team

Building a successful offshore team can be very beneficial for any product company or tech startups. Here are some advantages of having offshore development center.

  1. Do Pre-Screening for a Better Company
  2. Explore Possible Business Models
  3. Get a Suitable Communication System
  4. Set Delivery Deadlines
  5. Analyze the Team’s Problem-Solving Skills
  6. Use of Proper Tools & Documentation

Average Hourly Offshore Development Rates

  • Asia $20 – $40
  • Eastern Europe $20 – $50
  • United Kingdom $70 – $120
  • United States $100 – $170

What is outsourced?

  • 70.1% – to build new & exciting things
  • 44.1% – to improve an existing application

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