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Dedicated Resources Model – The Best of Both Worlds

“Dedicated Resources Model” or “Dedicated Teams Model” can be a perfect offshore staffing solutions & outsourcing option for your upcoming project if you are looking for a complete control over human and technical resources.

Our highly experienced project managers, software programmers and systems analysts will be constantly at your disposal, bringing complete transparency, flexibility, scalability and security to your project.

It’s like having your own IT team

Hiring a highly skilled team of IT professionals can be a taxing exercise because then you don’t just have to worry about your project, you also need to worry about the complete HR process that comes into force the moment you decide to hire dedicated developers at full-time.

Through our dedicated resources model, you just access the skills of our staff – their full attention, their full dedication to your project – and that’s it. There are no obligations.

It’s a completely scalable service. Being a top Outsource Staffing agency, we can assemble a team for you at a 24-hour notice.

Getting projects on an on-and-off basis? Great.

Need to quickly develop a mobile app but don’t need a full-fledged IT team of your own? Super!

These are exactly the situations when a Dedicated Resources Model delivers you the best ROI. When you outsource your project development to our IT Offshore staffing solutions team, you get:

Skilled programmers

Totally dedicated team

Total scalability

Easy replacement

Why get your dedicated team from DCI?

Top-notch talent, totally dedicated to your project, years of experience

Global talent

Not getting the skills you need in your part of the globe? We have access to a global team of IT professionals with years of creating real-world solutions.

Flexible extensibility

Whether you want a complete team to build your new app or just need to extend your existing team with additional talent, we can scale our dedicated resource model package accordingly.

High-value, low-cost

When you work with a dedicated resource team, the team works from a remote location, drastically bringing down your overheads in terms of office space and software/hardware required.

Pick-n-choose facility

Name the skill you need for your project, and you have got it. Once you are assigned a team, you are not stuck with it forever. Only work with those developers and programmers who are useful to your project.

No distractions and miscommunication

The team entirely works on your project and during the contract period, our project managers, programmers and developers never put their energies on to another project.

Only when you need

Need to shut off your project midway? Need to stop operations for a couple of months? No need to spend money on full-time employees. While your project is stopped, we can easily reallocate your team to another project, saving you a ton of money and legal hassles. Want to start again? You have got it.

Avail our dedicated resources for

Web/mobile development

Enterprise software development

Game development

Cloud-based solutions

Block-chain applications

IoT development

Don’t let the lack of the needed skill-set hold you back. Give wings to your imagination and turn your dreams to reality. Our developers and programmers are adept at

  • Java, C#, C++, R and Swift programming
  • PHP 7, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Perl
  • React Native and Xamarin
  • All cutting-edge IDE tools
  • .NET
  • SQL

Whatever miracle you have in mind, our programmers and developers can work it. We give you

  • 100% data protectio and confidentiality
  • Daily project updates and progress reports
  • Special arrangements for crunch times
  • 24 x 7 communication facility through telephone, email, Skype and instant messaging
  • Easy-to-cancel contract with a notice period
  • Complete control over your project workflow
  • Minimum guaranteed hours of work.

Greatest benefits of partnering with us for your dedicated resources needs

DCI can easily become your “go to” source whenever you need to quickly assemble a team of project managers, developers and programmers to work on a project. Whenever you create an application or a website or a cloud-based solution or a mobile app, no need to worry about how to gather a team that will deliver. Our offshore staffing solutions have that sort of team with us. All you have to do is, let us know and we will promptly make available the talent that you need.

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