Latest Web Development Tools You Should Know About

Latest Web Development Tools You Should Know About


No doubt, being a creative developer means staying on your toes and always learning new things because there is a variety of skills used in development that is constantly changing. There are so many codes, bugs, browser add-ons, plugins and many other tools which are used for website development. These tools will help you to complete your work faster and give you access to the latest techniques.

You might be using great web browsers, but all your efforts will fail if you are not using the tools that give you an edge over the others. Here is a list of top Web Development tools that you should know to excel in your field. Have a look below for more details.

Adobe Edge Inspect:

This will help you to create an attractive website that helps to drive more traffic. This is one of the highly recommended tools, which is also used as an alternative to Flash. It allows you to develop mobile-friendly websites in an easy way.


If you want to create a web application with Java and Scala then no option is better than the Framework. It is really helpful to increase the speed of your web application for its better performance.

Apache Couch DB:

This is open source database software that has a structural design, which completely embraces the web. It allows you to store your data with JSON documents and really helpful in protecting your data from any fault.

Prefix Free:

Another important web development tool is Prefix free; it is actually a script that allows you to use CSS property everywhere. It helps you to add the current browser to any CSS code.


It is a web-based project organization tool that helps you to manage the project management with convenience. It is one of the most popular tools used in the web development industry.


This tool is also known as phpdoc and serves as the documentation tool for the PHP source code. This tool offers plethora of features and it also has the ability to provide output in HTML, PDF, CHM and XML DocBook formats. It comes with Web-based as well as the command line interface.

PHP Dox :

This is yet another useful PHP tool. It is an AJAX powered PHP documentation search engine which allows you to search titles from all PHP documentation pages.

MagickWand for PHP :

This is a PHP module suite which can be used to work with the ImageMagick API. It allows you to create, compose and edit bitmap images. This tool can prove to be very helpful when it comes to incorporating a number of image-editing features in a PHP application quickly.

PHPCodeBeautifier :

This tool can spare a ton of your time and endeavors. This instrument spares you from the burdensome assignment of reformatting code to suit your own particular manner of displaying it. This device offers a GUI rendition which implies that you can outwardly prepare the documents. You can likewise cluster and incorporate a charge line adaptation with different devices like SubVersion, IDE and so on. It additionally accompanies a coordinated device of PHPEdit.

These tools are really helpful in saving your lot of time and increase your productivity as well. These tools will help you to make sure that you are on the right path and on which step you need improvement.

Keys to success

These factors will determine the scope of your project and help you identify the necessary and added costs. Remember, you may not need all the functionality at once. This can allow you to amortise the costs of web development over a period of time.


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