Importance of Long-tail Keywords and How to Use it for Higher Conversions

Importance of Long-tail Keywords and How to Use it for Higher Conversions

We would all agree that utilizing a keyword strategy is a tool used expressly to drive traffic to a website in hopes of securing more buyers. This is why long-tail keywords can hold the holy grail to a higher conversion rate.  Simply put, long-tail keywords are far more specific than any general search term could ever be, and research continues to show that people who conduct searches using highly specific phrases are usually looking to buy something.

The Importance of Specific Search Terms

Most of us don’t initially begin an internet search using specific search terms.  There is often a general search conducted to garner more information and to help us narrow a topic.  However, once we’ve finished browsing, ie, generally perusing information on a rather broad topic, and have figured out exactly what we are looking for, we go in for the kill by using a highly specific phrase to pull up search results of only the topic we’re interested in. These specific phrases are called long-tail keywords.  They are extremely important because the searcher uses them to zero in on a particular topic or interest which in turn allows online businesses to spot serious buyers.

Specific Search Terms Rank Higher & Produce Higher Conversion Rates

Although long-tail keywords are used less in searches, the people who use them and find your site are far more likely to make a purchase.  These are the clues that serious buyers leave behind in their search efforts.  In fact, long specific search terms create a great opportunity for higher conversion rates because people who use long specific search terms are beyond the research and general browsing phase and are looking to buy.  When they visit your site after a specific search term has pulled your site up in the search results, they will more than likely buy.  Clearly, there’s money to be made in getting your site to rank for specific search terms as long as they closely relate to the product or service that you sell.

Put Your Mission to Work for Higher Conversions

The purpose of your mission is to create a clear picture of your product or service and what it delivers because the long-tail keywords you want to rank for should closely reflect these things. The terms you have used to describe your mission can be strategically used to zoom in on your SEO strategy. These phrases are central in the long tail keywords you want your website to rank for. Although the number of people using these search terms will be relatively small in comparison to those who conduct common searches, they will represent site visitors with the highest chance of buying your product or service.

All businesses profit greatly from increasing the number of motivated visitors that frequent their websites.  Using long-tail keywords as a strategic tool to capture these visitors has been an approach proven to produce higher conversion rates.  Although the number of visitors using specific search terms will be comparatively fewer, visitors that utilize these specific search terms will usually be ready to buy.

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