Marketing Strategies to Reduce Bounce Rate & Get Quality Leads

Marketing Strategies to Reduce Bounce Rate & Get Quality Leads

No business owner wants to run potential customers away before getting a chance to convert them. However, if you’re struggling with inadequate traffic to your site, low email sign ups, and little to no leads, you may be doing just that. Visitors may bounce away from your site before giving you the opportunity to convert them. This is what it’s like to have a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of times a person left your site without getting past the entrance page. No business is proud of this. There are several strategies that can be put in place to prevent this type of reaction to your web presence. Utilizing these marketing strategies will help to greatly reduce your bounce rate and increase the number of quality leads.


Make Your Content Easy to Read

Large chunks of information aren’t appetizing to the average visitor. Break up your information into small bits of digestible information. Stay away from bulky never ending paragraphs of information. Hit the hot spots without writing a book. A person who finds your site is much more likely to be willing to read a few short paragraphs to glean more information about your business as opposed to a book of heavy, information laden compacted paragraphs. In addition, make use of bullet points, subheadings, charts, and graphs. Visual variety paired with an economical use of words makes content more interesting to visitors. Plus, there are tools available to test your site’s readability.

Don’t Disrupt the UX with Popups

A survey conducted in 2013 revealed that 70% of all users were annoyed by popups on a website. In fact, most people find popups to be distracting enough to leave a website if they occur frequently enough. Popups can negatively impact the user experience. However, they can increase your email list rather quickly. As a result, it might be best to limit them or prevent them from having such a negative effect on the UX by making them as noninvasive as possible. Perhaps your popup could be structured as an email offer instead of a popup ad.

Create a Call to Action that Stands Out from the Crowd

After you’ve tweaked your content and created a tantalizing headline, send them all the way home with a powerful call to action. The right call to action will excite a visitor and want them to see what’s on the other side of clicking that button. This piece of the puzzle should be an area of focus. Consider everything from the font you use for the CTA button, to its color and the carrot you’re using to dangle as the CTA. Everything counts and can have an effect on how frequently your visitors will actually click that button.

There are many marketing strategies that can be used to reduce bounce rate and aggressively increase the number of quality leads your business gets. Use as many as you can to turn as many visitors into customers as possible. Do your homework to escape the negative impact created by high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

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