Understanding Website Users for Effective Marketing Practices

Understanding Website Users for Effective Marketing Practices

In order to cater to your customers, both potential and existing, you must understand them. It is this understanding that will help expand your brand strategically and make it possible for you to market your brand more effectively. Understanding the users who visit your site requires the use of tools to help you track behaviors and catch potential and existing problems. Luckily, there are many tools available to help understand your users better in an effort to build a more effective marketing plan.


Web Analytics

Web analytics can be powerful when it comes to tracking where your visitors are coming from and which links they are clicking. These user behaviors are important to make note of during the initial information gathering stage because this information helps with conversion rate optimization. It doesn’t tell the whole story but the information does provide insight into where your website may need work.

Click Maps

Unlike analytics, click maps let you know which parts of your pages users are clicking on. The differences are subtle but provide more detail because click maps reveal clicks that aren’t necessarily links. The information is presented as a heat map and reveals the different areas of your pages where visitors have clicked. These maps reveal where visitors attempted to click, even if some of those areas were unclickable, as well as which parts of your pages are getting the most attention as well as how far visitors scroll down your pages.

Session Recording Tools

Session recording tools offer a more comprehensive view of user behavior. These tools enable you to watch session replays, see how people are using the website, catch errors, and analyze funnels, which allows you to see where users are dropping off. These tools also enable you to view scroll maps. Session recording tools permit you to observe the whole process from inception to finish to see how smoothly your site is functioning, in addition to understanding and witnessing user behaviors. These tools are insightful enough to provide information like where a user’s country of origin is and how much time they spent on the site. Using this tool gives you a clear picture of how visitors interact with your site.

Any business that is looking to grow and expand understands that learning as much as possible about their customer base is a huge resource. Understanding your users allows you to develop a more effective marketing plan. This is why utilizing tools that help you achieve this mean are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting important information about your website users. Web analytics provide useful information regarding which links users click on, click maps provide information regarding where visitors have spent time on your site and tried to click, even if a particular area was unclickable. However, session recording tools offer the most comprehensive insight into user behaviors because videos allow you to witness an entire user session. Each tool is useful and provides valuable information about website users. It is extremely important to learn as much as possible about your users in order to understand how to develop an effective marketing plan. Furthermore, there are many additional tools that help achieve this goal.

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