A Webinar for Startups on Best SEO Practices

A Webinar for Startups on Best SEO Practices


As more and more startups spring up almost every other day, many disappear as quickly, thanks to poor branding and ill equipped marketing strategies employed by these failed startups. In the current scenario where consumers are internet savvy and rely on search engines for finding even the smallest of product or service, a startup can only hope to succeed by increasing its searchability online and increasing its SERPs.

In order to help startups build a strong web presence and understand how SEO works, Dot Com Infoway, a leading digital marketing company, is organizing an insightful webinar, “Why is SEO Marketing Important for a Startup” on 24th August 2016.

Search Engine Optimization, often misunderstood and misconstrued, if leveraged properly can build the credibility and ranking of businesses online, making them much easier to be found by potential customers.
In this webinar, participants will learn how to create and employ successful digital marketing campaigns and use SEO to identify and reach out to a targeted audience group. The following key points would be addressed:

  • Importance of Local SEO Strategy – Focused Audience Group
  • SEO is a Dynamic and Continuous Process – Don’t Hurry! Stay Focused!
  • Increasing Visibility and Finding the Right Audience – Top Priority for a Startup
  • Implications of Poorly Implemented SEO Strategies – Be Aware and Fix Them!
  • Focus on Mobility & the Importance of Responsive Web Design – Web & Mobile: BFF’s For Life
  • Website Content: Delivering Content That Brings Results – Content is King; Business is Queen
  • Data Analytics and User Behaviour Inside the Website – Paths for Improvements

The webinar, that will give users insights on digital marketing strategies that really work, will be presented by Mercy Livingstone, Head of Search Engine Marketing at Dot Com Infoway. Mercy has over 8 years of experience and has strategized over 100 successful digital marketing campaigns for clients worldwide. Participants will gain from Mercy’s extensive experience and insightful ideas, helping them brand their businesses successfully.

Understanding SEO and employing it tactfully is an important lesson every startup must take, right at the start. As search engines evolve constantly, even those entrepreneurs who have basic knowledge must continually educate themselves to stay abreast of the changing guidelines and trends. From executing targeted social media campaigns to optimizing content on websites to understanding the nuances of building an online brand, the webinar covers everything anyone in the startup realm must know for a perfect start.

Hurry. To register for the Free webinar, visit https://www.dotcominfoway.com/webinars/seo-marketing-important-for-startup/

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