YouTube Shopping Campaign Tips to Make More Money

YouTube Shopping Campaign Tips to Make More Money

With people watching an average of 1 billion hours every day, Youtube has become an amazing vehicle for branding. With that being said, the opportunity for making money with Youtube’s shopping campaigns is high. Although youtube’s Trueview shopping campaigns are over two years old, there is still a goldmine of untapped opportunity in them if you take advantage of key opportunities.


Utilize Dynamic Remarketing

Do you have a small or limited budget and want to get the most bang for your buck. You may want to show your products to people who’ve already shown an interest by viewing previous videos? Dynamic remarketing may be just the answer for you. This approach may help you to bolster sales. In plain English, this equals more money. In your video campaign settings, set your filter to all products and then set your target audience to previous viewers. Your remarketing campaigns will utilize the data from your dynamic remarketing for your display ads.

Take Advantage of Trueview for Shopping

Show your youtube audience all the amazing products and features that you have to offer with Trueview shopping. This may require some brainstorming and focused thinking to determine the right strategy, approach, and products to highlight, but once you do it, it shouldn’t be hard to turn viewers into buyers. Trueview Shopping campaigns allow you to create incredible visual content for the express purpose of helping to promote products and turn window shoppers into buyers.

Create a New Feed to Sync with Your Campaign or Use Custom Filters

Trueview Shopping requires that you select products at the campaign level. Use this step to your advantage by choosing products that would mesh well with your video content. This is important because Trueview requires that up to 10 products be selected at the campaign level. Your other option is to create custom filters or a feed that can be synced with your campaign. Be strategic with this step by taking measures that will ensure that the products that make the most sense are displayed alongside your video content. If there are more than 10 products to focus on, use a custom filter that will allow you to do so. The more strategic and focused your product display is the more potential for revenue.

Youtube Shopping Campaigns have been around for a couple of years but are still fairly untapped in terms of the potential for earning money. These social media marketing strategies can help to display and highlight your products in a manner that will increase your conversion rates by turning mere viewers into shoppers and even repeat customers. Utilize all the resources available to you to put your products on the map. Employ dynamic remarketing and take advantage of all the features available through the Trueview Shopping campaign. Choose your products wisely and make sure that they complement your video content. These two factors can help to boost sales.

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