What Are the Best Practices to Hire Dedicated Developers for Startups?

What Are the Best Practices to Hire Dedicated Developers for Startups?


Nowadays, startups need to adopt a multi-pronged approach in order to excel in the market. We need to put emphasis on “need” as it’s no longer enough to focus on just web development, app development, or software development. For this, startups often decide to hire dedicated developers, and if that’s not enough, go on to hire dedicated programmers that specialize in their niche or needs.

That’s a sound strategy, but opting to hire dedicated developers for startups is not without its unique challenges. If you’re in this step of your planned project yourself, we highly recommend you read the experience-based pointers on how to hire dedicated developers we’ve shared here.

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What Are the Top Challenges To Hire Developers for a Startup?

Limited Finances

Unless they have deep pockets from the start, most startups will always have budget constraints. Hiring Dedicated Developers for Your Business is not exactly cheap, considering all the expenses that include salaries, infrastructure, staff benefits, and work systems. 

Unfamiliarity With Hiring Developers

Your HR team needs to be well aware of the right talent to hire. In this case, experience is often the best teacher, so expect blunders when pinpointing the best personnel that will get the job done stellarly. 

Zero Initial Brand Recognition and Affinity

Since startups have no brand recognition in the beginning, developers may hesitate to work for them. As such, more well-recognized companies tend to hire dedicated developers that are already the best in the field (i.e. they have a larger pool of high-quality developers to work with). 

Protracted Recruitment Process

The hiring process takes time. In the West alone, it can reach up to a month and a half sometimes. This delay will inevitably affect the time it takes for the development (whether it’s web, app, or software) to complete. 

How You Should Go About When Hiring Dedicated Developers as a Startup?

Finalize Your Business Requirements

This is the initial step that will help you understand the specific needs of your project, whether you intend to work with a dedicated software development team or a web development one. 

Regardless of whether you’re partnering with local or dedicated offshore developers, you should be aware of the complexity and size of your project and what technologies you mean to use. This is so you’ll be able to correctly assess each developer’s skillset based on them. 

Prioritize Adaptable Web Developers

Flexibility among developers only means they can quickly adjust to requirements that will test their various skill sets and familiarity with equally varying technologies. There should be an openness to learn new technologies when the need arises. 

They Should Be Willing To Learn

To continue the former point, any mobile app development agency should be aware that the field they work in is constantly evolving. As such, the developers they have should be just as willing to stay ahead and remain relevant relative to that continuous change. 

As such, you’re already a step ahead on the topic of how to hire developers for a startup by simply focusing on developers that are innately curious and hungry to learn new things related to their craft.

Use Real-World Coding Challenges

By including this in your developer hiring process, you basically look past the certifications and experiences that they share and test their skills directly. How they solve real-world coding challenges will clearly reveal how they’ll go about with any specific task or problem they face as they work on any project. 

Put the Developer’s Skill and Expertise First and Foremost

This should be a natural part of the hiring process for software developers for the obvious reason that your competitors are likely doing the same. They’re always headhunting the best talent, and as such, you need to highlight why your company is a perfect fit for them. 

Engage the Finest Web Developer

When you hire dedicated developers for startups, it doesn’t hurt to aim for the finest web developers who will be able to tackle front-end, back-end, and full-stack tasks, respectively. You should understand the specific developer that will fit your project the best. 

Verify Their Past Work Experience

Don’t hesitate to ask about their past experiences with any kind of software development, app development, and web development. They should be able to clarify how they deal with learning new technologies and languages. 

How do they stay updated on technological developments? How eager are they in adapting to different work environments? These are but some of the essential questions you need to ask every time you hire dedicated developers for startups. 

Select the Most Suitable Working Models

You want to be able to optimally utilize your resources from the get-go, so this step is a must. You should be able to switch methodologies based on the project’s size, goals, and potential risks. 

Doing this paves the way for better collaboration, risk management, goal alignment, and making sure that you meet stakeholders’ expectations. 

Incidentally, it’s just as important to come up with the best Engagement Model for Offshore Projects to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of communication, approaches to project management, contractual agreements, etc.

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How To Interview Members of a Dedicated Development Team?

Knowing how to interview prospects is also an integral part of learning how to hire a dedicated software development team. 

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

Not only will this make the interview efficient and effective, but by knowing the questions that will allow you to assess the prospect’s hard skills, you’ll be able to know how they’ll tackle fundamental aspects of their work and meet tight deadlines.

Focus on Soft Skills Just As Well

Communication skills, creativity, self-management, empathy, critical thinking, and teamwork are aspects you simply can’t overlook to maintain a cohesive and productive team.

Capitalize on Video Calls

Video calls afford you the ability to observe how a prospect interacts in person. It allows you to study their body language and how they’ll be able to handle business communication. 

Perks of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Why Should You Choose Dedicated Offshore Development Team? This is the question that’s been leading up to the steps we’ve outlined above and why you’re reading this article in the first place.

Look no further than these six facts to realize why businesses need to hire dedicated developers. 

perks of hiring developers

Full Commitment

They’re called “dedicated developers” for a reason. At best, you can be sure that their attention won’t be divided and will solely be focused on finishing your project and ensuring its subsequent success. 

They Have the Appropriate Skills

Specialized skills in AI, robotics, IoT, mobile-first app development, and VR are highly coveted nowadays, and dedicated developers will certainly be able to provide them. 

They’re Highly Professional

And who doesn’t want to work with individuals who value high standards and work etiquette? With a high degree of professionalism, you only ensure that your project will be done correctly. 

Cost Reduction

You won’t have to invest in hardware, network bandwidths, and other specialized tools necessary to perform software development as dedicated developers already have them on hand, particularly the ones that will allow them to perform their work easily. 

They Impart Flexibility

Especially in terms of upsizing and downsizing your team as needed. You can adjust your team members to ensure agile development, depending on the present needs. 

They Help in Managing Key Areas

These include team management and even the recruiting process, allowing you to focus your attention on core business activities instead. This is made all the easier with the availability of project management tools. 

Overall, the benefits of hiring developers are quite similar to that offered by mobile app consultation services or any type of service that allows you to tackle specific requirements more effectively. 


We hope that you have received invaluable insights on how to hire dedicated developers for startups from the facts we shared here. Indeed, the advantages of hiring developers far outweigh the costs, and may even help businesses save more in the long run.

This Guide to Hire Dedicated Developers only outlines the necessary steps you should be taking. Ultimately, how you’re going to apply them rests entirely in your hands. Rest assured that more than one of these methods has worked for startups, based on our own experience working with plenty of them.

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