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Parents these days are constantly worried about their children’s online activities on their mobile phones. Although mobile phones are a great invention, they also expose small children to unprecedented dangers because people with bad intentions can easily contact them and mislead them. Also, children can be exposed to all sorts of undesirable information when they are browsing the Internet unobserved. Of course, there is also the looming danger of the children getting addicted to various mobile apps.


As is apparent, the main strength of the app is the data that is extracted from multiple applications and then preserved in such a format that it can be used to generate reports and for analysis.

Data extraction from social media apps was a big challenge. As the successful extraction of data is the main strength of the application, we needed to find a workaround to get the data without violating the integrity of the operating system.

Our Solution

Our development team explored various options and constantly kept in touch with the clients. The proposed solution worked to everybody’s satisfaction and we were able to extract enough data to give it a form.

  • Requirement gathering/elicitation
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Developing ER diagrams
  • Development/coding
  • Prototype integration
  • Database
  • Deployment
  • Test running
  • UAT

Our Results

By the time we delivered the app, the clients were able to extract data from the following mobile apps and sources:
SMS,Call Logs,Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram,Twitter,Email,YouTube History,Snapchat,Browser History
The client is quite happy with the result. The interface is smooth and easy, and all parents can use it. The mobile app adheres to the GDPR guidelines. Since it can be used only with the consent of the kids, even they feel empowered.

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