7 Key Points to Remember While Working on Mobile SEO

7 Key Points to Remember While Working on Mobile SEO


The advent of smartphones and other mobile devices has gradually improved the standard of living. A large populace makes use of mobile gadgets to browse the Web. Search engine optimization is not the same for desktop and mobile devices as it varies on a broad scale.  Mobile SEO has revolutionized the SEO industry and there are unique strategies to be adopted for getting your mobile website ranked higher in top search engines

Mobile SEO

A recent research states that ‘Over the past 5 years, mobile searches have gradually increased over 1000% and renowned brands in the market claim that they get about 30% of their total searches from mobile devices’. To beat the heat of the mobile competition, all you need to do is to adopt the best mobile SEO strategies and the 7 key points that can help you attain your mobile business goals are listed below:

1. Be empathetic and choose the right keywords: ‘Put yourself in the shoes of your customers’, this might sound as an old adage but I would rather call it as a golden adage that will suit the business world till the end. Being empathetic and thinking in terms of your end user will always pave way for attaining your objectives visibly. Unlike the desktop users, mobile users generally use shorter phrases for searching a particular product or service. Think of all the possible search terms that your target group may use for searching and choose the right keywords accordingly. Optimizing your keywords, descriptions and Meta titles will help you hit the nail on the head perfectly.

2. Read the minds of your ultimate users: Understanding the needs, preferences and behaviors of your potential customers. Do a thorough research on the possible sites your target group might visit and what they would actually expect from a website like yours. Presenting your website as per the needs of your ultimate users and being relevant to your visitors will help in user-engagement, leading to increased traffic and the visitors’ interest in sharing your website through social networking channels and giving their feedback and comments.

3. Use a responsive web design: Your mobile website should always concentrate on giving the best user experience for your mobile web users. Optimizing or re-sizing your generalized website for mobile might irritate your mobile users and will force them to quit your website and look for a better alternative. Only a responsive web design that can fit all types of gadgets can grant the best user-experience and the search engine giant, Google has also recognized a responsive mobile web design as the best choice for attaining maximum success through Mobile SEO.

4. Let your website be search-engine friendly: Search engines play a dominant role in determining your mobile search engine rankings. Ensure that your website is optimized in such a way that it meets the criteria of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. The mobile-friendly versions of your webpages along with genuine content, earning natural links, visitor engagement, on-page optimization and white-hat SEO techniques can fetch you the highest rankings in the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). With these elements, you can still trust that Mobile SEO has a bright future besides the challenging Penguin and Panda updates of Google.

5. Focus on your content and navigation: Original and informative content can fight for you in terms of earning links and higher rankings. Rationalizing the navigation links of your mobile website and simplifying the website will certainly facilitate the mobile web experience of your end users. Also remember that you have a link in all of your webpages that can connect the users to your main website.

6. Strike a balance between where you are and where you want to go: This is where the real catch lies. To reach a specified goal, you first need to analyze where you are and what is your current ranking in the search engines. You can make use of tools like Google’s Webmaster tools for categorize those areas that actually needs optimization for improving your rankings.

7. Espouse the perfect mobile SEO strategies: Implement perfect mobile strategies while you are optimizing your website for search engines. Make certain that you are on par with the recent trends and technology. Embedding social media channels on each and every page of your website will encourage the mobile users as most of them are connected to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. This aspect will not only entertain your users but help in making your website viral and augmenting visitors’ traffic.

What next? Remember these 7 key points while working on Mobile SEO to attain your business objectives wisely.

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