ASP.Net & PHP: Which One Do You Think Is Better?

ASP.Net & PHP: Which One Do You Think Is Better?


For years there has been a big debate as to whether PHP or ASP.Net should be used for web development projects. There are many who have strong beliefs about each and why one is better than the other. If you’re grappling with which language is better for you, then you may find the information below helpful.

Although both languages are ideal for all types of businesses of different types and sizes, both can be relied upon for web development. However, the following areas are where they differ the most.


Features and Extendibility

With respect to its features, the ASP.NET language seems to outperform the PHP language. It’s more capable of using languages such as C#; known to be a much better language than its counterpart, PHP., mainly as it relates to obtaining OO support.

C# 4.0 also allows you to perform more types of variables. However, one of the PHP language features that have an edge over the C# was in the area of having more optional parameters. (However, more recently, more has been added to the C# as well.)

The Average Time for Development

When working on small projects, program language using PHP if far better than the ASP.ET language. The thing to keep in mind is that as you find your projects beginning to expand and grow, you’ll want to make the switch to C# scales.


The area of security being appropriately added to the programming language is somewhat equal for both the PHP language and the ASP.NET language. With security being such a sensitive issue, it’s really up to the programmer to be certain that the applicant that has been developed is safe.


As far as frameworks go, the PHP appears to be more of a mainstream based framework than the ASP.NET. Such as frameworks that consist of Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend and CakePHP. They also have much smaller frameworks than the ASP.NET language as well.

To that end, the ASP.NET language consists of two main frameworks that are associated with Microsoft, WebForms (which are not that great) and ASP.NET MVC.

It is important to note however that although PHP consist of more frameworks, the ASP.NET MVC 3 framework is far better than any of the other PHP frameworks available.

Cost Comparison

Another issue that often comes into question is which of the two is more cost effective than the other and which provides more bang for your buck with respect to the various functions that can be performed at certain price points.

For the most part, the PHP language is more cost effective. Although ASP.NET can be run by using the Mono in Linux, it does have its share of problems. However, when developing a medium sized project and you have cost restrictions, PHP is the better choice. Consequently, when developing the larger projects, ASP.NET w/ C# & ASP.NET MVC is by far the better choice.

Whichever language you decide to use, it’s important to decide on what components are most important to you and which will allow you to do your best work as a programmer based on what your projects require.

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