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The education industry counts a lot on reputation and dignified brand presence. Just like any other industry, the education industry too hasn’t been left untouched by the onslaught of digital media and digital marketing, with every educational institution, college, school or tuition center aggressively using digital tools to create a strong brand presence on the Internet. There are numerous learning management software applications and online educational websites vying for attention and can productively use digital marketing. Higher competition from other educational agencies, learning software, online learning websites and institutions makes it mandatory for you to constantly work on your SEO to draw targeted traffic from search engines.


  • Educational institutions
  • Companies providing educational and learning software
  • Online learning websites and educational portals

Through our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and our close association with many educational institutions and schools, we have developed a very close understanding of how an educational institute needs to promote itself to make the right impact both on students and their parents. Our software development background also enables us to understand the complexities involved in developing and distributing learning management and educational software and hence, we bring to the table and unparalleled insight into how to digitally promote such products.

Through high-quality content and engaging campaigns on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook DCI can help you carve out a niche for yourself in the crowded place of education.

Digital Marketing Services for Education Industry

Targeted Digital Marketing Services for Education Industry, educational software applications and educational websites

Want to improve your search engine rankings? Need to develop a vibrant community of students, parents, teachers and instructors on the Internet? DCI has the perfect digital marketing plan for you. Almost 100% of students and their parents log onto the Internet to get information on various courses, learning tools and educational institutions. Are they able to find you?

More visibility

Decide for what reasons you want your prospective students, school representatives, teachers and parents to be able to find you, and we will make it possible for you through our digital marketing strategy.

Targeted educational SEO

There might be many reasons students and parents look for information pertaining to your educational institute, learning management system and educational website. Make it easier for them to find you.

Fan following on social media

Be a superstar in your education niche and be recognized for high-quality educational content and timely answers to people’s queries.

Education Industry digital marketing services include

  • Targeted SEO for your educational institute, school or college, learning management system, online educational website and educational software application.
  • Targeted SEO for individual courses in school, college and university locations.
  • A thorough analysis of your current educational industry digital marketing activities.
  • PPC campaign management for search engines and social media websites for A/B testing of your educational course landing pages, individual features of your educational software application in different aspects of your LMS.
  • Setting up accounts on analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Universal Analytics and CrazyEgg.
  • Using deep analytics to streamline your educational institute, educational website, school or college website and online learning website SEO strategy.
  • Direct-to-students-and-parents content marketing strategy, including content marketing strategies to target siblings, friends, influencers and education partners.
  • Multi-format content generation for selected educational courses through video, graphics, animation, infographics, articles, social media updates, blogs and sites.
  • Email marketing strategy for your educational institute an educational software brand marketing.
  • Student-retention program management including awareness of your educational institute, school or college, helpful content dissemination and one-on-one sessions.


The ultimate aim of every educational institution, educational website, digital learning developers and educational mobile apps is to shape up young minds, and we keep this noble philosophy at the center of our entire digital marketing strategy when you partner with us. We will help you create an authoritative, respectful and learned presence on all major digital platforms. Through high-quality content and sustained digital media campaigns, we will improve your SEO and create a loyal following of students and parents for your educational Institute on all digital platforms including your own website and blog, online forums, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, and of course, YouTube.

At DCI we have a highly experienced and extensive team of digital marketers, media specialists, SEO specialists, PPC campaign managers, content writers and content marketers, graphic designers and subject matter experts to give you a consolidated presence on the Internet, a presence people respect and trust.

Success Stories of Clients Who Have Trusted Us

Super Drug Saver Digital Marketing Portfolio


Internet Marketing, SEO

Keyword: Online Drugstore Ranking: Google #9 Keyword: Online Drug Store Ranking: Google #9Location: USALearn About Our Digital Marketing ServicesRequest for Similar Service

ekam Digital Marketing Portfolio

EKam Foundation

Internet Marketing

Ekam Foundation, an NGO dedicated to supplementing public healthcare for infants, adolescents and mothers. With Ekam, the aim was to help the Foundation gain exposure online and raise awareness of its activities through Google Grants. The campaign was successful in increasing traffic to the Foundation’s website.Learn About Our Digital Marketing ServicesRequest for Similar Service

ShopsUp Digital Marketing Portfolio


Internet Marketing

ShopsUp is a Hyperlocal store and product discovery app that incentivizes users on walk-in and purchases. The client wanted to promote their App and highlight their brand name amongst social media channels. We, at Dot Com Infoway, through a carefully developed digital strategy, helped them achieve their marketing objectives. We decided to target the most popular social media platforms by providing locality specific content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We regularly updated their social media pages with attractive posts, compelling...

kamalan Digital Marketing Portfolio

Kamalan Travels

Internet Marketing

Keyword: Wellness Spa Tours in India Ranking : Google #1, Yahoo #2, Bing #2 Keyword : Wellness Tour India Ranking : Google #3, Yahoo #1, Bing #1Learn About Our Digital Marketing ServicesRequest for Similar Service

Our Clients

FAQs on Digital Marketing

Although what sort of individual digital marketing services you want to use depends on your business goals and budget, as a complete package we offer: search marketing, social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising consulting, email marketing, content marketing, web design, mobile marketing and online brand reputation management. We offer completely scalable online digital marketing services to suit every business need and every budget.

Yes, we offer weekly and fortnightly reports after we have clearly defined the KPIs with you. We use advanced web analytics tools to keep a tab on what sort of traffic our digital marketing effort is attracting to your website and make the appropriate changes in case the targeting is skewed.

Yes, we provide our digital marketing services to clients from all over the world. Although we are headquartered at Madurai in Tamil nadu, we have offices at multiple locations in the world, including the USA.

Because of the competition. Because of the sheer volume of information and interaction happening on the Internet. How do you reach out to your target audience? How do your target customers and clients find you? How do people know what products and services you are offering and why they should choose you over your competitors? Without a digital marketing strategy, it’s a complete chaos on the web. Some businesses realize this early on, and some realize after losing lots of money and time. Just like in the brick-and-mortar world you constantly need to promote your business, the same applies in the digital world. Digital marketing highlights your brand in front of your prospects. It encourages your prospects to visit your website. It keeps them informed so that when they need what you offer, they come to you instead of going to someone else.

Yes we do. The digital channels we cover are:

  • Pay per click
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online brand reputation management
  • Content marketing and inbound marketing

Yes, along with digital marketing we can also build your online presence including your website and social media profile pages. We can also build mobile apps and mobile games exclusively to promote your business.

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