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We totally understand that the healthcare industry primarily focuses on the well-being of the patients it serves. But, even if you solely focus on the well-being of your patients, you need to promote yourself to let it be known that you can serve people well compared to another hospital, clinic, healthcare center or a healthcare consulting service.


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Biotech companies
  • EMR/EHR vendors
  • Health product sellers and retailers

Since almost 100% of your patients do their research online before deciding which hospital or clinic to go to (unless it’s an emergency), you need a digital presence that makes it easier for people to find you. Digital marketing, in its simplest form, means making it easier for people to find you in their hour of need.

Besides, not just patients, anybody who wants to do business or partner with a healthcare products company or a biotech company or a clinic or hospital, does his or her research on the Internet before taking the next step.

DCI offers digital marketing services to the healthcare industry through search engine marketing, SEO services, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing and all Internet platforms you think you need a strong brand presence on. We have had extensive experience providing comprehensive digital marketing services to different sections of the healthcare industry.

Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry

Targeted Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry including clinics, biotech companies and healthcare products sellers and suppliers

A majority of your patients or prospective business partners and suppliers, log onto the Internet the moment they need information on quality healthcare services available in their area. They especially need to know the quality of healthcare services for their specific illness or specific needs, the experience and qualifications of the healthcare professionals working at your facility, and the ease of reaching out to you. Even if you have all this information on your website, since almost all your competitors too may have this information on their websites, how do people distinguish you from the others?

If your healthcare products seller or supplier, many hospitals and clinics might be looking to get their supplies from you. We can help you get found easily and prominently through search engines and social media websites. If you are a biotech company, you want to draw the best talent to your company through an outstanding presence on the web.

More patients

Get the opportunity to serve and provide comfort to a greater number of patients through our targeted digital marketing services focused at selected illnesses and ailments.

Higher search engine rankings

Make it easier for patients and prospective business partners who would like to reach out to you for your services through search engines like Google, simply by voice commands. We provide specialised SEO services for hospitals, clinics, health care products sellers and suppliers, biotech companies and EMR and EHR vendors.

Social media presence

The healthcare industry mostly functions on word-of-mouth publicity. We can help you create a vibrant presence on social media sharing positive stories about your facility and encouraging people to engage in positive conversations about your services.

Our healthcare digital marketing services include

  • Comprehensive analysis of your current healthcare digital marketing activities.
  • SEO strategy and SEO implementation of individual healthcare services and your complete website.
  • PPC campaign management for search engines and social media websites, including retargeting and A/B testing of your healthcare services landing pages.
  • Setting up accounts on analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Universal Analytics and CrazyEgg.
  • Using deep analytics to streamline your SEO strategy.
  • Direct-to-patients and medical fraternity content marketing strategy.
  • Multi-format content generation of your selected healthcare niche areas through video, graphics, animation, infographics, articles, social media updates, blogs and sites.
  • Email marketing strategy for your healthcare services marketing.
  • Social media marketing strategy.
  • Patient-retention program management including awareness campaigns, helpful content dissemination and one-on-one sessions.


DCI has a stellar record helping various segments of the healthcare industry get a firm footing on the Internet. We can help you synchronise your entire marketing strategy with your digital marketing strategy, enabling your prospective patients and business partners to find you seamlessly for their particular needs.

The core strength of our digital marketing services lies in the fact that we first develop a total understanding of your philosophy, your needs and your long-term and short-term goals, coupled with what your patients really need to have a fulfilling and rewarding experience with your healthcare services.

The same goes for your prospective business partners and collaborators if you are a healthcare products seller or retailer or a biotech company. Our digital marketing services can help you establish a formidable presence on the Internet.

We will employ multi-channel digital marketing services for your healthcare services. We will have best minds in the fields of healthcare SEO, PPC, social media marketing, healthcare content marketing, web analytics and email marketing, to solidify your position on the Internet and highlight your services vis-à-vis your competitors. Our sole focus is going to be bridging the digital gap between your healthcare services and your prospective patients.

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FAQs on Digital Marketing

Although what sort of individual digital marketing services you want to use depends on your business goals and budget, as a complete package we offer: search marketing, social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising consulting, email marketing, content marketing, web design, mobile marketing and online brand reputation management. We offer completely scalable online digital marketing services to suit every business need and every budget.

Yes, we offer weekly and fortnightly reports after we have clearly defined the KPIs with you. We use advanced web analytics tools to keep a tab on what sort of traffic our digital marketing effort is attracting to your website and make the appropriate changes in case the targeting is skewed.

Yes, we provide our digital marketing services to clients from all over the world. Although we are headquartered at Madurai in Tamil nadu, we have offices at multiple locations in the world, including the USA.

Because of the competition. Because of the sheer volume of information and interaction happening on the Internet. How do you reach out to your target audience? How do your target customers and clients find you? How do people know what products and services you are offering and why they should choose you over your competitors? Without a digital marketing strategy, it’s a complete chaos on the web. Some businesses realize this early on, and some realize after losing lots of money and time. Just like in the brick-and-mortar world you constantly need to promote your business, the same applies in the digital world. Digital marketing highlights your brand in front of your prospects. It encourages your prospects to visit your website. It keeps them informed so that when they need what you offer, they come to you instead of going to someone else.

Yes we do. The digital channels we cover are:

  • Pay per click
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online brand reputation management
  • Content marketing and inbound marketing

Yes, along with digital marketing we can also build your online presence including your website and social media profile pages. We can also build mobile apps and mobile games exclusively to promote your business.

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