Project Description

Vidyaura is a cloud-based mobile application aimed at facilitating school management and making it easier for parents to monitor the progress of their children in school. The key purpose of the app was to keep all parties updated about a student’s performance at all times.


With this platform, parents can monitor their kids’ progress on the fly, anytime and anywhere. To ensure this, it was pertinent to create a user-friendly platform that was easily understandable and not intimidating. This app makes it possible for the teachers to report and update the performance of the students digitally, which can be seamlessly accessed by the parents.


The client was extremely happy with the app and proud of the effort put in by DCI to develop a communication platform between teachers and parents. Both the client and DCI are certain that Vidyaura app will revolutionise the education system and play a key part in brightening the future of Indian students.