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Don’t let distance and time deter you from growing your coaching, tutoring, fitness and yoga business. With uninterrupted Internet connectivity, you can provide coaching and training services through a mobile app.

Being a top education app development agency, we can build and set up a powerful online coaching mobile app for you if you are a coaching instructor, you approach, a fitness coach, a life coach, a dance instructor, a personal trainer or a tutor desiring to help school and college students.

Our education app developers will closely work with you and create an app for e-learning, online coaching, online class, online training or online tutor mobile app. We can even build the look and feel of your gym or your studio. No technical expertise is required on your part. You can simply start using the app for enrolling students and users once the app becomes available on the app stores.

Mobile Apps For Online Coaching, Online Class, Online Training, Online Tutoring, All In Dance Classes, Fitness Instruction, And Much More


Take Classes As A Tutor

We will completely integrate various online educational digital tools with your mobile app to give a complete classroom experience to your students.


Give Dance Training And Fitness Instructions

Our Online Training App Development, Let your students and trainees perform aerobics and fitness exercises and dance to your tune. They will be able to cast all your instructions on their TVs and also track their progress.


Complete Online Enrollment Management

Our Online Class App Development, allow your students and trainees to enroll themselves. Send them direct instructions or let them find your app on the app stores.


Customized Payment Solutions Integrated

Your students and trainees will be able to pay you on a monthly basis, weekly basis as well as per session. You can completely customize the payment model through our app development services for online coaching.


Online Video Repository

Make free videos available to prospective students and trainees so that they can get a glimpse of your expertise and enroll themselves.



Take coaching, tutoring and dance classes across the globe. Get your instructions translated in real time as video subtitles. Except payments and multiple currencies from different countries.

Core features of our online coaching app for instructors and tutors

User-side registration

Allow your students and trainees to register themselves on their own.

Social integration

Let your students and trainees exchange messages with each other to encourage each other and also post messages on social media.

Class and session saving

Your students and trainees will be able to access the previous sessions at their own time if they cannot schedule live classes.

Upload and install premium content

Give access to paid content by creating instructional videos and uploading them through the mobile app, in advance.

Logging in with social media accounts

Make it easier for your students and trainees to log into your mobile app if they are already logged into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Dismantle the borders

Expand your online coaching business by providing yoga and fitness classes as well as tutor classes to students and trainees in multiple countries.

Easy installation

Our mobile app will be easy and light to install. Will just take a couple of minutes to download and install on users’ mobile phones.

State-of-the-art encryption

All the data exchanges, instructions and payments will be done using the most advanced encryption available within your budget.

Scalable online coaching mobile app

Accommodate multiple online coaching fields to get a mobile app completely dedicated to your field or subject.

Ongoing support

You are never alone when you work with us. We will provide you ongoing support even when your mobile app is deployed and your students and trainees have started using it.

Need A Mobile App For Online Tutoring/Coaching?

Our process of developing your online coaching and tutoring app

Key benefits of having a mobile app for your online coaching and training business

  • Conduct your coaching and training classes from your place without having to travel.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint as you don’t have to spend resources on commuting and running your own commercial place.
  • Provide tailored coaching and tutoring services to your students and trainees.
  • Let your students and trainees decide their own time by uploading premade tutorials and training sessions for yoga, fitness and dance.
  • Repurpose old content and videos to create new revenue streams.
  • Provide training and tutoring to more trainees and students at a time, improving your bottom line in the process.
  • Facilitate an online community among your trainees and students through social features of the mobile app.
  • Create a global coaching, fitness, life coaching, dance training and education brand by providing your services and skills internationally.
  • Create customized payment modules to make it easier for your trainees and students to use your services and pay you.

Experience You Can Trust

Why work with Dot Com Infoway to develop your coaching mobile app?

Why choose us for your Online coaching and training mobile app project?

We are one of the well-established educational app development agencies in the USA having multifarious experience building cutting-edge applications for different platforms including web, desktop and mobile. We have built our reputation on the basis of taking on challenging projects and most importantly, completing them and ensuring that they are a raving success for our clients.

Providing online coaching through a mobile app requires a very easy to use interface, but at the same time, using high-tech so that every technological integrity is taken care of at the background. Being the Best online coaching app development agency, We are well equipped to achieve that. Whether it comes to using multimedia, video chat, instant messaging, broadcasting and video hosting, we can easily incorporate all the needed features for you to not just create a repository of knowledge, but also provide real-time training and tuition’s to your users.

Being one of the Best learning app development companies in the USA, we have built learning management systems for schools and colleges. This puts us in an enviable position to provide very solid solutions in the arena of education and online coaching. We understand how students consume educational content. We know how trainees follow instructions and act upon them.

We also know that ultimately, you need to build your business. Hence, from the instructional side to business side, we can provide you a complete online coaching and training mobile app development package.

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