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Our best education mobile app software is being used by independent educators as well as renowned educational institutions, all over the world. We can build you an engaging and interactive educational app development and productive sessions. Educational mobile apps for students can play a pivotal role in changing the course of education. We can help you make history in the field of education. If you have ever wanted to explore the possibilities of delivering education through online learning apps, now is the best time to take the plunge. We, at Dot Com Infoway, believe in developing the best educational app solutions to help them a vast and lighten the student’s future by implementing their knowledge.

Mobile app development services for delivering online education


Real-time video streaming

Give your students a real-world experience of receiving online education through live video streaming. This includes videoconferencing and digital whiteboards.


Course material repository

Our education app developers build a library of courseware that your students can access while receiving online learning through your online classroom app.


Flexible fee structure

Allow your students to pay you education fee using a flexible structure such as paying you monthly or per session.


Provide subscription-based learning material

Generate extra income streams by leveraging your existing course content. Allow your students to access your digital content by paying a monthly subscription.


One-on-one or group education

Our software will also include easy screensharing so that you can explain intricate concepts on your computer for group education or one-on-one sessions.


Multiplatform online class app

You can make your educational app available on multiple mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

What will be the main features of the educational app that we develop for you?

Automatic student registration

New students will be able to register themselves on their own including making payments and fee processing. This will also include automatic attendance and report generation.

Digital courseware

In our elearning app development services, you can create and upload digital courseware for your e-learning app for education that your students will be able to access as and when needed, and even in real time. Your students can use digital courseware during live classes or when they are going through at their own pace.

Online groups

You can encourage your students to form online study groups so that they can have an engaging e-learning experience through your online school app.

Web conferencing

Through the online class app you can hold video classes that multiple students can attend at the same time and they can also interact with you within the ongoing session.

Multi-currency payments

Since you can impart education through your online learning app internationally, multi-currency payments will be facilitated within the mobile app.

Individual assessment

Through our best online education app you will be able to conduct individual as well as group assessments for your students to know what progress they are making while taking your online classes. Timed quizzes and exams will give them a sense of real-world examinations and will prepare them for future competitive exams.

Social media authentication

Since most of your students are likely to have social media accounts, they will be able to sign in using their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Parental monitoring

To create a secure online learning environment, you can also give access to parents to remotely monitor online class activities of their kids, whenever they feel like.

Need A Mobile App For Your School/Institution?

Our process as an educational app development company

What are the main benefits of having an online education app?

  • Digital course material is less expensive and easier to manage.
  • Real-time learning across borders.
  • No educational infrastructure required except for the mobile app that gives you everything you need to conduct successful online classes.
  • You have automatic fee handling. You don’t need accountants and fee administration staff. Students can pay using multiple modes including net banking, debit and credit card, and digital wallets.
  • Students can learn on their own using their login information, through the course material that you upload for them.
  • You can hold one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions.
  • Permanent records of student activities and their assessments can be kept in the cloud for as long as you want.

Experience You Can Trust

What makes Dot Com Infoway the best educational app development company for you

Why choose DCI as your preferred education app development company?

We have had a long history of developing online learning apps, e-learning apps and educational mobile apps. Our LMS app developers have closely worked with experienced educators and school and college administrators to develop a complete understanding of how the flow of information takes place when education is being imparted and received. Hence, there is no better mobile app development company than DCI for your needs.

Although we are a highly technical company, we understand the human side of technology. Hence, when we develop your educational mobile app, we will be using cutting-edge technology, but our primary concern will be your comfort level and convenience, and the comfort level and convenience of your students. Learning to use the mobile app and figuring out how its various functions work shouldn’t in itself become an ordeal. When we develop the mobile app for you, you will be able to use it from the word “go”.

Contact us and we will love to give you more information on our educational app development services.

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