15 Innovative Fintech App Ideas Transforming the Industry

15 Innovative Fintech App Ideas Transforming the Industry


It’s clear as a bell that the fintech industry is making far-reaching changes in the financial sector. After all, its global market size is expected to reach a little less than $310 billion by 2030. What’s equally astounding is the fact the fintech app market size is slated to reach close to that milestone by 2025 when it becomes a $305 billion industry. 

Indeed, the future could not be brighter, which is why there’s no better time than now to look for fintech app ideas. If you haven’t got a fintech app development company to advise you, know that going through this article should give you equally invaluable insights. 

We’ve shared the top 15 new fintech ideas that are already making waves as we speak.

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15 Fintech App Ideas That Show the Most Promise in Revenue Generation

The best fintech apps almost always prioritize user-friendly interfaces, security, accessibility, personalization, automation, seamless transactions, etc. to stand out. 

It goes without saying that the following fintech app ideas share all these common denominators. Of course, the most promising (and attractive) is overall profitability. 

 1. Digital Banking App

This belongs to the beginner-friendly fintech app ideas category as it affords users a convenient and secure way to manage finances. It’s made possible with features such as on-demand fund transfer, balance tracking, bill payments, and investments. It’s an app that makes life easy for everyone, in short. 

True enough more than half the US adult population now uses digital banking services, with an overwhelming 97% of them belonging to the younger generations (millennials and Gen Z). 

2. Peer-to-Peer Payment App

These apps enable you to send and receive money using solely your smartphone. It eliminates the need to pay using cash or check, and oftentimes, the transactions are lightning-fast.

This is another one of the top fintech business ideas because it capitalizes on what people want: ease in transactions. If you manage to introduce your own twists that can further improve that aspect, then you’ll definitely quickly stand out and earn a loyal user base. 

The overall straightforward nature of such apps makes this one of the most recommended finance business ideas for beginners. Keep in mind that 40% of Americans report that they use P2P apps. 

The best examples are Zelle and Paypal.

3. Personal Finance Management App

These help users track and manage their financial activities. Be it budgeting, financial goal setting, or expenditures tracking, users will be given all the data and insights they need to get the full picture of their spending habits. 

Most apps offer a high degree of personalization, particularly when giving timely tips to help you save and even invest in worthwhile ventures. This is another one of the most recommended fintech start-up ideas, as financial management continues to trend upward. 

4. Investment App

Finance app ideas that actively help people grow their money will never not be in demand. This is especially true for investment apps that provide the most helpful tools in assisting users on which stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to invest in and manage later on.

Example: Betterment, investor

Stock trading apps generated more than $22 billion in revenue in 2021 alone. 

5. Blockchain App

Blockchain technology has made it possible for blockchain apps to provide a secure and transparent way to make transactions, store data, and attain smart contracts. The decentralization benefits eliminate middlemen and improve security, so there’s that added appeal. 


Most apps integrate well with finance, supply chain management, and even gaming. Binance, a single blockchain app, earned $20 billion in 2020. 

Should you be interested in building this app, we suggest reading this resource to learn more about the Facts of blockchain technology and Blockchain development cost

6. RegTech App

If there’s one app where AI sees the most application in the fintech app industry, it’s in these types of apps. Most have been used to great effect in preventing fraud and other financial crimes via compliance process automation, KYC verifications, and more vigilant tracking of transactions. 

The entire RegTech industry is expected to grow to $44.5 million by 2030. 

7. Loan Lending App

Borrowers now prefer to connect with possible lenders in the digital space to broaden their options and boost their security while securing loans. Most apps are designed to help users gauge the creditworthiness of a borrower. More importantly, they hasten and streamline the loan application and approval process. 

Example: Paysense, Money Trap

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8. Payday Loan App

This caters to individuals looking for short-term loans or those who wish to grant them. Most apps put measures that heighten the transparency of such naturally high-risk loans and help users get as many options as possible. 

9. Buying Insurance App

Financial business opportunities that capitalize on established and consistent needs like insurance set themselves up for success from the start. This kind of app provides numerous insurance policies to choose from, whether they’re for health, life, auto, etc. 

They let you compare quotes, customize the coverage, and apply for and avail of the entire policy entirely digitally

10. Bill Reminder App

We can’t deny the value of apps that help inform users of bills they have to pay and their other financial obligations. Oftentimes, they’re favored for their ability to aid users keep excellent credit scores and handle their regular expenses better. 

11. Crowdfunding App

Crowdfunding remains a popular option for individuals or organizations looking to raise money to fund their ventures. You can even raise funds for a mobile web app by going this route. 

Of course, if you mean to create the app yourself, it should be able to allow users to create effective crowdfunding campaigns, set funding goals, and share their projects with whomever they want. In turn, contributors can use the app to look for groups and individuals they deem worthy of being granted financial assistance. 

12. Crypto Trading App

Fintech app ideas that cater to people who prefer to trade with cryptocurrencies are another solid idea. With these apps, they’ll be given real-time market data, price charts, and other features related to cryptocurrency transactions. 

Users may monitor their portfolios, perform margin trading, P2P trading, or execute other trades using only their smartphones. 

Towards the end of 2022, the global crypto market cap stood at $85 billion. 

13. Digital Wallet App

This is one of the best fintech ideas for the future since there are clear signs that digital wallets are gradually becoming the preferred form of payment, which neatly ties in with the cashless/contactless payment trend. Most digital wallets utilize near-field communication or QR codes to make payments, and most reward their users with loyalty cards. 

Digital wallet app

Read this Guide to wallet app development if you’re more inclined to fintech app ideas centering on this particular service. 

14. Financial Record Maintenance App

Your standard fintech app development company builds these apps often with the goal of helping users track their personal or business finances. It’s focused on being ale to generate reports and set up automatic tracking of expenses to make better, informed decisions. 

15. Stock Trading App

Who doesn’t want to be able to use an app to make money? Stock trading apps make this a possibility. What sets them apart from regular stock trading is that these apps often alert users, inform them what stocks to put in their watchlists, as well as provide a way to organize stocks.

Stock trading app

They also lay open all the latest news and data regarding stocks to help users make the best, timely decisions. 

Interested in other mobile app ideas? Continue reading about them here. 


What did you think of the fintech app ideas we shared here? We can safely say that most, if not all, of them, can pave the way to success if you simply take the time to research your target audience, identify their pain points, and ensure seamless delivery of their needs and requirements. 

The best fintech app development services weigh all the factors and stay on top of trends. Choose the ones that will listen to your input and align with your goals.


1. How To Develop a Fintech App?

This is a lengthy process that starts with research and defining your app’s value proposition. From there, you can now start with UI/UX design, select the correct technology, and reinforce its security. Before launching, it should always be tested. 

2. How Do Fintech Apps Make Money?

Common avenues are by charging subscription fees or transaction fees. Some charge a set amount for account maintenance. Other reliable options include good, old advertising, data collection, and investors. 

3. What Are Trending Topics in Fintech?

Plenty of apps above are intertwined with trending topics like AI, blockchain, open banking, and RegTech. 

4.  What Are the Features of Fintech App?

  • Secure account management to organize their accounts, including viewing their balances, making transactions, and setting alerts.
  • Easy-to-use interface to cater to users who are not familiar with financial terminology.
  • Personalization for offering recommendations for products or services.
  • Security features to protect users’ data from fraud and hacking.
  • Customer support to help users with any problems they may encounter.
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