Infographic: AI Trends and Mobile App Development in 2020

Infographic: AI Trends and Mobile App Development in 2020


Artificial intelligence – what was once a concept that flourished in science fiction is now not a reality – and it’s rapidly growing as well. AI remains at the forefront of the many great changes that will occur in the tech industry, and its impact could not be more apparent in the ever-expanding field of mobile.

What’s equally wondrous about Ai services is that it easily synergizes with other emerging technologies like AR/VR and IoT. But there’s more.

The following infographic will exhibit just how huge of a change AI will bring in the mobile industry. These are changes that our highly experienced mobile app developers have been anticipating.

Whenever we mention AI, we always readily associate it with convenience and personalization – both welcome leverages in just about any industry. But you’ll soon find that AI goes well beyond these benefits once you digest the information shared here.

AI Trends 2020 infographic

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“Artificial intelligence is set to nestle in the field of future technology. It’s inevitable”

  • 4 Billion – The number of devices that will carry AI-powered voice assistants this year
  • The projected growth of the AI software market from 2016 to 2025
    • 2016 – $1.4 Billion
    • 2025 – $59.8 Billion
  • $15.7 Trillion – The projected growth of the global GDP in 2030 as a result of AI
  • 30% – The percentage of businesses that will employ AI in at least one sales process by 2020
  • 86% – The percentage of cyber-attacks AI can prevent
  • 1 Billion – The number of AI-enabled video cameras that will monitor cities around the globe by 2020
  • 41% of consumers believe AI will ease their lives
  • 97% of mobile users are already using AI-powered voice assistants


  • United States
  • China
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Germany


1. AI in Internet of Things

“Expect AI to be married to IoT” – Practical & logical move that will unlock the full capabilities of both.

  • 80 % of all enterprise IoT projects to include AI as a major component by 2022
  • 41% of consumers believe AI will ease their lives
  • Makes processing of large quantities of data uncomplicated
  • Maintenance and continued operations are less costly

2. AI in AR and VR

  • The projected growth of the AR and VR markets from 2018 to 2022
    • 2018 – 8.9 million
    • 2022 – 65.9 million
  • Precise depth perception when performing surgery
  • Headsets detect horizontal and vertical planes
  • AR and VR headset sales are expected to grow to $9.7 billion in 2020

3. AI in Social Media

“All fundamental features of social networks rely on AI now”

  • The projected market growth of “AI in social media” from 2018 to 2023.
    • 2018 – $633 million
    • 2023 – $2.1 billion
  • Image recognition
  • Newsfeed personalization
  • Audience targeting for ad campaigns, online marketing, and content designing
  • Access to invaluable user data to understand your audience better

4. AI in Medical Technology

  • The projected market growth of “AI in Healthcare” from 2020 to 2026.
    • 2020 – $4.9 million
    • 2023 – $45.2 billion
  • Quick non-invasive medical imaging
  • On-site diagnostics through smartphone
  • Easy analysis and comparison of medical records
  • AI Biotech – excise the lengthy process in drug discovery.

5. AI in Retail and e-Commerce

  • By 2021, 73% of retailers plan to introduce AI to optimize their pricing
  • Search recommendations
  • Helps keep track of your inventory better
  • Better transparency in search engines

6. AI in Logistics

  • The projected market growth of “AI in Logistics” from 2017 to 2030.
    • 2020 – $1.21 billion
    • 2030 – $10.30 billion
  • Lets you know the highest demand at present to quickly move your vehicle there
  • Cuts operational costs
  • Robotics in AI makes tracking, locating, & moving efficient
  • Management and operation of the warehouses enhanced

7. AI in Gaming

  • Google-owned AI lab’s AlphaStar is capable of beating 99.8% of human players.
  • If it takes a human between 12,000 and 20,000 hours of practice to master a certain skill, then the bots burn through 100 human lifetimes of experience every single day.
  • AI Testing – Runs through the entire game map in less than 1 hour.
  • Very personalized experience
  • Enhanced visualization technology
  • Voice assistants

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