Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Fuel Your Startups In 2020

Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Fuel Your Startups In 2020


In 2019, the success of a startup largely depends on your unique idea. An innovative mobile app idea that gives people solutions to their needs has a good chance of becoming a success. Users want an app that will help them save time, cut on costs and streamline their everyday processes.

While it may sound simple, it is usually difficult for most startups to satisfy the three needs mentioned above. This is why this guide has discussed 10 innovative mobile app ideas to help you come up with a successful startup.

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Below are the 10 mobile app ideas to fuel your startups.

1. Cab-hailing App

Mobile apps like Uber, Lyft, and Taxify have helped revolutionized commuting. You can now easily book a cab from your phone which has helped in saving time and money. While big companies enjoy a better share of the market, developing a cab-hailing app is still a lucrative mobile app business venture. You can add more features that include passenger safety to make your app marketable.

2. Shopping App

Almost every person loves to shop. This is why apps like Amazon and eBay are making millions of profits each day. You might consider several mobile app ideas for your startup like; deals and discount app that notifies users of any upcoming best deals that they may be interested in. These can be deals on clothing, food, home equipment etc..

A collective shopping app that allows users to purchase items at bulk. Buying at bulky is considered economical as it may come with free delivery from some companies. As a result, such a startup has the potential of being a success in 2019.

3. Social Networking App

Businesses require an online presence to increase popularity, credibility and to improve their market presence. So creating a social connect mobile apps for a startup is a great idea to allow business to manage their social media platforms from one central location. This idea is especially important for companies that rely heavily on customer engagement. You can interact with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Instagram networks at one go.

4. Cooking Assistant App

Cooking is an interesting hobby for most people. And these lovers of cooking are always experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. Creating an app that offers instructions for cooking enthusiasts on different recipes can, therefore, be a rewarding venture. However, before you create a cooking app, take inspiration from successful apps like Food.corn and BigOven.

5. Food Delivery App

Some people get so busy that they can’t find the time to visit a restaurant to have a meal. But these people can’t miss out on their meals altogether. Because of this, creating a food delivery app is an excellent mobile app for startups. Besides ordering for food, you can add features where users can find the available cheap ordering services to their location. The user should also be given an option to suggest their preferred ingredient to a restaurant to get their desired taste.


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6. Grocery App

We all go shopping for our grocery at least once every month. During this time it is always easy to forget some of the products you may want to purchase. Having a grocery app is a great mobile app idea to streamline the shopping experience.

The app allows shoppers to add stuff to their cart during the month. You then schedule a date where you just step into the market and pick your products. Since there are already several grocery apps in the market, you need to come up with unique selling propositions for your app. Here is what might be beneficial to the grocery app users. Comparison of prices between different stores Cashback on purchases No cancellation fees No minimum order

7. Travel App

Travelling never gets out of fashion. So creating a travel mobile can be a good idea to speed up your startup in 2019. Your app should show your users famous destinations they can visit. It should suggest the best restaurants, hotels as well as exciting things to do in that location.

Additionally, the app should have an expense travel tracker to enable users to calculate the estimated travel expenses to their ideal destination. Some famous travel apps include AirHelp, Skyscanner, LoungeBuddy, and Hostelworld.

8. Language Learning App

Learning a new language for most people becomes more interesting when using a mobile app. One of the best mobile app ideas is to create an app that teaches users how to use particular words of the language they are learning. The app should also aid in clear pronunciation of words.

Besides, it should also suggest the commonly used words in that language and their meaning. This will make learning a new language exciting and easy. Some of the best examples of successful apps for learning new languages include Busuu and Memrise

9. Virtual Interior Designer App

Carrying proper home decorations can be overwhelming. You may not know what items to use for your decorations as well as the right places to purchase these items. Technology has made home decorations an easy process, however.

You can create a virtual interior designer app that allows users to take a picture of their home and then decorate it using different designing options available in the app. These include wall stickers, paints, carpets, colours, and curtains. Besides, the app will suggest the best places to purchase each item you use for your interior designing process.

10. Health Fitness App

Today more and more people are becoming conscious of their health. The challenges, however, lie in keeping a regular healthy routine. You can leverage this to create an app that help can help users to track their daily routine. The app can suggest best practices for users to follow to stay healthy. This includes practice sessions to stay fit, better lifestyle and meal intake timing.

Over To You…

The above 10 innovative mobile app ideas should help to fuel your startups in the future. After choosing the idea that works for you, its time to select an experienced team of app developers who should be able to create the best mobile app to make your startup successful.

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