Email Marketing & Social Media: Why Should you Integrate Together?

Email Marketing & Social Media: Why Should you Integrate Together?


Most people make buying decisions after obtaining information from multiple sources. That’s why integrating email marketing and social media strategies to maximize your overall marketing efforts is important. The following are five great ways to accomplish this.


Merge your contacts to social media platforms by uploading your subscriber list

The way that this works is by linking your social media accounts to your Yahoo or Gmail accounts, which allows them to scan all of your personal contact information.

You can engage with and become more familiar with your subscribers, establish relationships and follow them on multiple social networks. You can also see what community groups and forums they are associated with to gain even more subscribers.

Retargeting ads

This is somewhat of an unpopular strategy that few people are aware of. Purposely matching subscriber’s interest with their intent and then combining it with the targeted advertisements is a great way to generate extra revenue.

Retargeting works by having a tracking code installed onto your website, which allows the platform containing the advertisements to cookie your visitors while showing them ads on other social media platforms. The key is to only retarget the ads of the subscribers who actually have gone through your click through process.

Allow emails to be sent to you from social networks

Although this particular strategy is considered more of an indirect email marketing strategy, it has been known to become an effective one. This strategy is more effective when dealing with a reputable community on platforms such as LinkedIn. Upon growing your membership, on an ongoing weekly or even a daily basis, it will result in you ending up in their inbox. This happens when people join and subscribe to groups. They will continue to get emails from that group on a regular basis unless they unsubscribe.

Increase social Shares by automating email outreach programs

Wouldn’t it be great to have blogs belonging to influential people to share your content? This is the one way to reap great rewards in the form of social proof.

To make this work, you must infuse your newly published content with a host of shares in order to request that other influential people share it as well. In other words, whenever you want someone to share a great article, followed by sending out an email requesting that it is shared with others, observations will be made as to whether or not it currently has other shares included in its content already. If so, then the content is considered to be validated. If not, then ‘it’s not considered to be valid.

Email comes into play after the content already has multiple shares, that makes it’s easier to contact some of the larger sites with more influential individuals. They can also make note that your content has been well embraced by large amounts of other people.

Thankfully there are tools available such as SendBloom that helps simplify this process through automation.

Use your email subscribers to form an exclusive social group

Although this tactic is not used very frequently, it has been known to create a private Facebook group comprised of over 5000 members.

The key is to have something valuable to give away in exchange for getting subscribers to sign up.

Additional requirements could each person sharing it with at least two friends via their email before receiving access is given to the new private Facebook group

The key to being successful in integrating email marketing with social media is to learn as much as you can about the strategies and set goals for each of these areas indicated above, then coming up with an actionable short term and long term plan.

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