How Mobile App Development Will Drive the Virtual Reality(VR) Market?

How Mobile App Development Will Drive the Virtual Reality(VR) Market?


Virtual Reality technology has been expanding immensely and is actually on the verge of exploding. This trend has been contributed mostly by the increase in the demand for VR applications. Most app development companies have realized the opportunity and are therefore incorporating virtual reality in building their mobile apps. Mobile app development agencies have created several VR devices that have made the technology available to the public for use These devices have made mobile phones function as Virtual Reality gadgets. This has helped in growing the VR market even further.

Virtual reality has revolutionized how businesses and are carried out. It has also streamlined communication between business owners and their prospective customers. Many companies including manufacturing, fashion, and entertainment have realized the benefits of these VR apps. People can now view products, communicate with businesses and shop through their mobile applications.

This mobile app development guide will highlight how app development is transforming the virtual reality landscape, the features of a good virtual reality app and examples of successful virtual reality applications.


How Mobile App Development Transforms the VR Landscape?

Mobile development companies are instrumental in improving the use of virtual reality technology. They can do this by integrating this technology in application building. There is a number of ways mobile app Development Companies can incorporate augmented reality and virtual reality technology in building their applications.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are one of the app development trends that most businesses have embraced today. Companies like Sony, Facebook, and Samsung, have already produced their VR enabled devices, an example being the VR play station. These apps allow users to view places and services as real. The following are some of the ways mobile app companies drive VR market.

Improved Learning Experience

Virtual reality technology has been introduced in education sectors. Institutions use virtual reality applications to make the learning experience exciting and more engaging. Students are able to go on virtual field trips using apps like the Google Expeditions which transfers them far away even to places that are inaccessible. This enhances the learning experience and thus making it enjoyable.

Virtual reality has also enabled easy learning of new languages. Through the use of applications like Oculus Rift headsets, students are able to enhance their language skills by connecting with other people from across the world. They can then learn the language by conversing with the natives of that language through the application.

Enhances Business Efficiency

Virtual reality mobile apps have improved how business operations are carried out. Business owners can conduct meetings and teleconferences in a much smoother way thanks to the technology. This has led to proper time management and elimination of travel cost that would have been spent attending meetings in distance places. This transformation has led to improved business efficiency.

Unbeatable Virtual Experience

People like using their mobile phones to carry out online activities like shopping and booking. Applications make it easier to undertake these online activities. Mobile app developers have made this experience even more amazing by creating VR enabled applications.

In shopping, for instance, the virtual reality technology provides the customers with an application for great e-commerce stores. In such stores, shoppers can get a 30 view of the product they want to purchase. The customers get all the three dimensions of the product to ensure they are satisfied with the product. This is beneficial as it saves the time of visiting the stores physically. In addition, the storekeepers benefit from low rates of product returns since the customers buy products they are satisfied in This helps in saving on the overall cost incurred by the businesses.

People can also benefit from virtual reality apps that are created for various industries including hotels, real estate, and tourism. These applications enhance the virtual experience of users hence they can quickly do the right transactions. It also allows businesses to offer excellent customer service. Besides, they can attend to customer concerns in real time wherever the customers are located.

Improved User Engagement

User Interface is a crucial aspect in app development that enhances user engagement. App developers understand the importance of user engagement and have created VR apps which have an improved User Interface.

The VR apps provide users with real life like experience. This ensures users are fully immersed in the app while using it Asa result of that, they are able to engage in the app even more This improved user engagement has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Virtual reality apps which are an extension of augmented reality have become a favorite innovation among app users. They have allowed marketers to reach their prospective customers and interact with them directly. Companies have taken advantage of this technology and create apps that have allowed them to promote their products. They have also been able to understand the needs of their customers and therefore provide them with products that meet their requirements.

The repeated interactions between customers and products that meet their needs have also led to increased customer satisfaction. These customers become repeated buyers and recommend the products to others hence improved brand credibility and loyalty. So, therefore, with a good product and an excellent virtual reality application, it will be a matter of time before your customer size increases. It will also enhance your customer loyalty.


Mobility is one factor that has primarily contributed to the success of mobile apps. VR apps have taken the experience a notch higher. They have allowed users to enjoy mobility to the extent that was not possible before. You can use a virtual reality app to explore many opportunities while you are in one place. For instance, you can use a VR app to take your users on a virtual tour even when you are in different geographical zones.

Enhanced Mode of Communication

ln the past, applications used to offer a phone based communication between businesses and their app users. Mobile app development companies have used augmented reality to improve the mode of customer communication in mobile applications. Businesses can now use real-time video to make direct contact with clients. This form of communication has helped business improve on their conversions.


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Features of VR App Development

With the expansion in use of virtual reality mobile apps, many developers are venturing into VR app development. Development of innovative apps requires an enhanced look at the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the application. This is because there is a considerable difference between the User Interface and User Experience of a VR gadget and a non-VR device

Some VR apps require additional support devices to make them work best with your phone. For example, you may need headphones to be able to track the position of the head. This is due to the difference in the User Interface of virtual reality apps and those of standard mobile apps

Virtual reality has enabled the creation of devices that will make the user spend very little time with their smartphones. One such gadget is the virtual reality headset. This gadget is different from the non-VR devices that will require you to scroll and click on display on the screen of your phone. This, therefore, means the features are also different in each device.

So if you are want to invest in a good virtual reality mobile app for your business, you need a developer who understands the features you need thoroughly.

The following are some of the essential features that your developer needs to consider when developing your VR app together with the User Interface design

Smooth App Operation

Before developing any virtual reality application, the most critical feature in the mind of the developer ought to be a smooth operation. An application that does not have smooth operations experiences animation lagging as well as cropping. Persistent bugs also make the operation of your app to respond slowly to user instructions.

In other extreme scenarios, the app may fail to respond entirely to user input. Such an app always turns users away An application with properly arranged scenes and a stable performance gives a better picture and attracts more downloads. Users get to enjoy seamless operations coupled with enhanced effects.

Stable and Efficient Tracking

The most important thing about VR apps is tracking. Monitoring helps the app detect the position of the head and transmit the resulting information to the screen of your smartphone. It uses sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to ensure the right data is tracked in order to give the correct image on the screen. Ensure your app has a stable tracking so that the information tracked and the image displayed is useful to your users. This way, they can be able to see what they are looking at.

Examples of Successful Augment Reality and Virtual Reality apps

Successful augmented reality and virtual reality mobile apps have been able to utilize the essential features in their development. This has enabled them to create a real like environment for users. The apps have been successfully used in a number of tasks.

Some of these tasks include; training, shopping, and work among other functions. Augmented reality uses the same environment we are in and put objects in real time. Virtual reality, on the other hand, creates an entirely new artificial environment. The successful augmented reality and virtual reality apps fall into different categories. Explained below are some of the examples;

Augmented Reality 3.0

These allow users to view images in 30. The users can see the objects in the real environment. Examples include the AUGMENT that businesses use to help users to see products as they appear in real life. These apps are available for IOS and Android and can be used for architecture and e-commerce. Another example is the Sun-Seeker that can give the 30 view of the solar path. It can be used by photographers to provide better light conditions and campers to locate best-camping sites.

Google Cardboard

This virtual reality platform was created by Google. It is a headset that allows users to build their viewers or buy pre-manufactured ones. Users can connect the cardboard to all the compatible apps on their phones and view the content using lenses.

Augmented Reality GPS

AR Global Positioning Systems assist in locating the position of a user. It also recognizes the user’s device orientations. Some examples of AR GPS include; AR GPS Drive or Walk and AR GPS Compass Map 30.


This is an app created for the enthusiasts of horror movies. This virtual reality app is very terrifying as it gives a real-life experience of ghost stories. It has become very common among horror lovers.

Augmented Reality Games

This is augmented reality gaming software that uses your exact environment to give you an exciting gaming experience. An example is the Pokemon GO where users find and catch a Virtual Pokemon hidden in the map of the world.

Augmented Reality Browsers

This software provides users with contextual information when they point to a particular thing. For instance, when you aim at a specific building, information about the structure gets displayed on the screen of your smartphone. This can be the estimated value or the age of the building. Examples of such browsers include; AR Browser SDK and ARGON4.


This mobile application is regarded as an only evidence app. This is because it provides the user with a real life experience of places one can never visit. It is the creation of images created using Google’s Sphere technology. The images include the lesser known places in the world.


The RYOT VR enables people to watch documentaries as they happen in the real world. These virtual reality documentaries usually highlight essential issues like drought, riots, and earthquakes just to name a few.


Virtual reality technology has hit the ground running and is taking over the app market by storm. Despite that, very few apps are able to support virtual reality. Creating innovative development apps with VR technology is therefore essential in order to tap this vast potential. The developers who have failed to develop VR apps are likely to miss out on the many benefits of this technology. Following this development guide will help you create a virtual reality app that can help you grow your business.

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