Marketing Blueprint: The Complete Guide to Success in Marketing your ICO [ Infographic ]

Marketing Blueprint: The Complete Guide to Success in Marketing your ICO [ Infographic ]


2017 was the year of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Speaking numerically, over five billion dollars were raised by the 900+ ICOs launched in 2017. However, less than 50 percent of these ICOs were actually successful. The reason – well, it could be a flawed product or flawed marketing, but even a great product is bound to fail without the support of an ace marketing strategy, isn’t it?

So, even as ICOs remain hot in 2018, due to increased competition and higher regulation, it is going to be more difficult than ever before to make your ICO work. Consequently, it is your ICO marketing strategy that is going to make the ultimate difference on your journey and decide the fate of your startup.

But how do you decide upon the best marketing strategy for your product?

At Dot Com Infoway, a globally leading IT and digital marketing agency, we understand your conundrum. So, to help you market your ICO in the most effective manner, we have prepared an infographic that explains everything from what is an ICO to the benefits of ICO to tips on successfully marketing an ICO in a simple and easy to understand manner.

This lucid infographic is a repository of useful information presented in a palatable manner. The data for the infographic is derived from credible sources such as Visual Capitalist, Cointelligence, Blockalive, etc.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy for ICO?

What is ICO?

ICO is a new way to raise funds for a start-up or project through the sale of a new type of cryptocurrency, usually using Blockchain Technology.

Top Industries for ICO Funding

  • Infrastructure – 37%
  • Trading & investments -12.9%
  • Finance – 9.4%
  • Data Storage – 8.8%
  • Payments – 6.6%
  • Other – 27.5%

Reasons to Participate in ICO:

  • Long-term investment – 60%
  • Interest in Technology / Product – 22%
  • Speculation – 18%

How to Market your ICO Successfully?

1. Build a Killer Website for your ICO:

Before you launch your ICO, make sure you have a well-optimized website with:

  • Simple & Modern Design
  • Clear Navigation
  • Content with Relevant Information
  • Engaging video about what viewers can expect

ICO Marketing

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2. Using Social Media:

  • Facebook: Participate in groups that regularly discuss ICOs, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies
  • Quora: Stay active on regularly-updated threads on ICO
  • Forums: Marketing on popular specialized forums to target the right audience

3. ICO Marketing Channels:

  • Reddit: Expose your ICO to popular subreddits dedicated to cryptocurrency
  • Slack: Many ICO investors frequent the Slack group, making it a great outreach platform
  • Telegram: Get engaged in more Telegram groups covering cryptocurrency & market your ICO

4. ICO Listing Websites:


5. Bounty Programs:

  • Provide compensation and incentives to attract investors to your ICO
  • Used to accomplish a wide range of tasks at the cost of the project’s token
  • Both pre-ICO and post-ICO offers available

Successful ICOs Who Used Bounty Programs

  • – $100 million
  • – $153 million
  • – $10.5 million

6. Crafting an ICO Whitepaper:

It must include:

  • How is your ICO solution different from competitors?
  • How reputable is your company?
  • It’s important to outline the process of how tokens will be distributed
  • Dealing with legal issues that surround token purchases
  • How the product works & technical details about the platform?

Other Important ICO Marketing Strategies:

  • SEO optimized website and an off-page link building plan with online reputation management
  • Placing banner Ads on websites, blogs, forums related to cryptocurrency
  • Optimize your ICO through email marketing
  • Approach to several top-tier websites to publish your press releases
  • Get your articles published in the most popular crypto media outlets

Quick Tips for a Better ICO

  • Make your ICO story interesting & engaging
  • Focus on the target audience to produce the best and most cost-effective results
  • Make your offer to be transparent
  • Makes the ICO process safe, compliant and easy
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