Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Mobile App Development

For 15+ years, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has been providing mobile development services to a wide range of industries. We have over 50+ mobile developers who have delivered more than 585 successful projects.

DCI provides highly customized enterprise mobile application development services for modern businesses. Our specialized enterprise application development team helps clients in structuring and deploying easily manageable enterprise applications.

Our talented team has in-depth knowledge of enterprise mobility solutions, capable of handling multiple devices and platforms, large data sources and complex security systems, among other things.

Powering our clients to run their businesses seamlessly through mobile devices, we offer innovative and cost-effective enterprise application development services in line with global standards.

Our Services

At DCI, before developing your application, we understand your vision of the application to create a prototype for your feedback. This helps to speed the process and validate your ideas, ensuring your business requirement is met without any delay.

Our mature application development process enables us to design innovative apps for you, at an equitable cost. Once we know your requirement, our enterprise application development team starts building your product. We integrate your app with your existing technology infrastructure, ensuring smooth project implementation.

Our software testing services ensure that we provide you business-ready applications that are functional and optimized for your requirement. Our team employs the best testing tools in the industry in a versatile testing framework for best results.

With increasing competition, business must transform to a dynamic enterprise integration platform to ensure high performance, without affecting the business interface. Our experts offer enterprise integration solutions in line with your needs on platforms such as SCM, ERP and CRM.

We provide continuous support to clients even after the application is deployed. We work directly with your product support team, constructively using customer feedback to resolve issues and continually update the app.

Apart from full customer support, we offer you ongoing maintenance for your mobile app. We stay abreast of technological advancements and ensure you do too, improving the user experience and extending the life of your app.

Our Process

At DCI, we have been creating intelligent mobile software since over a decade and understand our business needs accurately. We design user-friendly apps that mobilize your business, taking into account your individual business requirements.

Our specialists understand how mobile enterprise applications differ from consumer apps, thus delivering optimal enterprise solutions to satisfy your business needs.

We start the process on the right note, by engaging in a high-level consultation, understanding your requirements comprehensively. Our experienced business analysts can determine your business requirements to help develop an elaborate plan.

Our specialists will take care of the entire process of creating an enterprise application for your business – from UI/UX design to testing. We have the knowledge and are adept at merging your enterprise app with any business solution such as ERP, CRM, ECM and BI.

To ensure optimal performance, we provide professional maintenance post deployment of your app, regularly updating it based on technology updates and user feedback.

Being an experienced enterprise app development company, we are proficient in native development, having delivered ace projects in iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. We employ software to deliver feature rich, user-friendly and agile applications for your preferred platform.

Today, more flexible companies allow employees to use their personal systems for work, which means it is essential to develop an enterprise app that works equally well on any platform. At DCI, we provide you cross-platform mobile solutions to suit your requirement better.

At DCI, we keep our clients’ interests at the core of our success. With firm faith in forging long-term work relations, we offer you free consulting and free app roadmap to help you understand our competencies before you go on to hire us. We promise to deliver enterprise application solutions that will improve the efficiency of your workflow.

Why Us?

DCI is one of the world’s foremost Enterprise App Development Company offering innovative, cost-effective services of global standards.

These are just some of the brands that trust us to deliver.

We translate advertising, marketing and brochures, we interpret for meetings, conferences and exhibitions, and loads of other stuff for these companies and more.

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Feature Projects

News Crew Tracker Mobile App Development

News Crew Tracker

Mobile Apps Development

App Summary – News Crew Tracker is a geo-location and assignment management tool developed and reviewed by journalists and photographers to solve the problem of not knowing where staff are located and what they’re currently working on. Challenges – The client wanted to create a solution to facilitate work for media professionals through a location-based assignment management tool. The main challenge was to create a system on which journalists and other staff remained connected, and could locate or contact each...

Taxi ride sharing app


Android Development, iPhone Apps

App Summary – Join-a-Ride is a novel taxi ride-sharing app that saves users’ time and money. Users can find out information about rides around them and choose to join with them or create a new taxi ride and allow others to join them. Challenge – Testra approached Dot Com Infoway to create an app that features taxi ride sharing. The app was aimed at enabling users to not only join rides near them on the same route but also create...

Cash on Apps Mobile App Development Portfolio

Cash On Apps

Android Development

Cash On Apps is an Android mobile application that allows users to hunt for the best apps to download, and then rewards them with mobile recharge credits for each app they download. The app is aimed at providing a useful incentive for users to download apps, and get paid for it: a win-win for both the user and app developer. Cash On Apps finds, tracks and filters the best apps from its curated collection of apps based on the...

Barottas Mobile App Development Portfolio


Android Development, Mobile Apps Development

App Summary – Barottas is online food delivery app that allows users to choose from up to 100 different combos of healthy Barottas. Challenge – The client approached us to create a pre-paid food delivery app that was not only appealing but also easy to use with over 100 food combinations and convenient online payment options for users. Solution – Dot Com Infoway created an app with a minimalist UI that enables users to place their order in seconds. Users can...

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