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Transportation & Logistics App Development

It is never a more straightforward task to manage your field activities including deliveries without major setbacks such as vehicle breakdowns. That’s where the logistics app design comes in to take all that hustles away from you so that you can concentrate on other important matters to grow your business. We can develop Trucking Logistics apps like hawkeye log book which helps make your trip planning easy with providing routes features.

Our Logistics mobile app development will ensure automation of your transport fleet, effective organization of the routes to follow and the distribution of resources. That makes it easier to carry out follow-ups and provide instant solutions in case of any inconveniences. This implies that none of your services has to be on hold resulting from delays related to materials delivery or any other form of distribution challenges.

With a fleet management system, you will get real-time monitoring of all your cargos deliveries including the routes used and even the status of the shipments. That way you can quickly identify any incidences that may arise in the course of the distribution.


Dot Com Infoway ensures that business and individuals find it easy to manage their delivery functions without hustles or incidences that might result in losses. Here are the core features we offer;

Realtime supervision of field activities

Logistic companies may find it cumbersome and challenging to inspect every delivery being made. As a result, the process becomes slow and time-consuming which impacts customers negatively. With our fleet solution, you will be able to monitor all your workforce within an instance.

Reliable logistical monitoring software

We will help you to carry out research through an articulated analysis of the data. Such information makes it easier to come up with decisions and adapt to positive changes faster. You will also be in a position to make predictions for future trends that might affect your deliveries and come up with counter plans.

Automation of the system of logistic distribution

Our company ensures that your logistics delivery systems are atomized, which makes the process faster and effective. That solution covers the software for reverse logistics and delivery optimizations for the destination.

Secured Mobile App For Multiple Platforms

Our mobile app development services make it possible to manage your logistics operation across different platforms including Warehouse Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Transportation Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning among others. You are therefore able to diversify your experience and enjoy what works well for your company.

Ability to troubleshoot

Most logistics operations are prone to challenges, and the faster you respond to them the lesser the impact on the overall operations. Using our company solutions for troubleshooting, you will be able to arrest any incoming challenge well in time, making your logistics system efficient and reliable.

Save on cost

The fact that our logistic solutions are automated, with instance solutions for any trouble arising, will make your operations efficient and less costly. You won’t need to incur extra cost in the course of delivery as all that is well is taken care of in our systems once you are working with us.

Need a Mobile App For Your Logistics Company?

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Need and Benefits

  • Working with our atomized logistics app development agency management will increase your productivity since the process is faster even when dealing with distant deliveries.
  • Our fleet solution will help improve efficiency in your logistics operations since you can monitor your systems and routes of distribution in real time.
  • Working with our integrated system to track your logistical activities will help you to remove redundancy in your processes.
  • Our solutions for providing troubleshooting services provides for augmenting safety and security for your operations.
  • Having your logistics system optimized and automated reduces your activities cost thus saving on such expenses.
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  • Using our logistics monitoring solution will help you conduct reliable research and make proper analysis with the data collected, making it very easy for you to come up with decisions and even plan adequately for the future. You will also be in a position to determine trends and changes that will work well for your logistical operations.
  • Using the On Demand Logistics App Development Agency services has atomized functions to records and monitor delivery. That will promote reliability and efficiency in your supply chain management.
  • Our monitoring system can perform troubleshooting, enabling you with a sound system for providing customer support. Once you have a great support for your customers, you will be assured of continued business as a result of loyalty from your customers.
  • Using our dynamic logistic management helps to assess the general flow operations, and thus you can come up with the crucial financial indicators for your organization.

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Being the best logistics app development agency, we care a lot and strive to ensure that we are giving you solutions that will assist you to monitor and supervise your delivery route with efficiency. Our logistics app development agency services aim to provide you with these fantastic solutions at little costs while strengthening your logistical system. You won’t have any sluggish experiences in all your operations including the dispatch schedules.

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