iPhone Application Development

Dot Com Infoway offers end-to-end iPhone App Development services – from iPhone App Concept Development to actual App Development to App Marketing and Promotion.From Concept to Feasibility study

At Dot Com Infoway, we approach iPhone Application Development in a systematic and organized way. We coordinate with clients right from scratch. We work with them through the Concept Development of the app to be created and the feasibility of creating such an app.Our Concept Development process involves research and analysis on the scope of the application, its USP, its target users and the mileage it will offer the client’s brand.Our feasibility studies will gauge the economic, technical, schedule and operational feasibility of the app in question depending on its practicality and competitive advantage.

On completion of feasibility studies, we begin the actual app development process which follows a scheduled time frame and structured development. We also guide clients through app submission/approval process and promotion.

Conceptualize, Develop and Market

Based on the Feasibility study, we set a schedule to build the App Concept we developed together with the client. To start with, we help clients in setting up a Developer Account at the Apple App store. We walk the client through the development processes, schedules and marketing.

Then, the actual App Development process begins. Our iPhone app developers are skilled in Apple’s developer tools like Xcode, Cocoa Touch framework and Objective C. Leveraging the best of Apple’s technologies and using Cocoa’s APIs, our iPhone app programmers create a tightly-integrated Xcode development experience that makes adding animation, networking, appearance and behavior to apps easier, with just a few lines of code.

Our iPhone app development team is strict on meeting optimum time-to-market periods. Working in collaboration with clients, we monitor the App Development process and check for risks and bugs. Our applications are original and innovative enough to cut through the noise of the App store and offer a high-level user experience. Understanding the core processes of iPhone application development, we build third-party applications that are as interactive and easy-to-use as native applications.

To get an idea about the quality of our work, have a look at our rapidly expanding iPhone Application Portfolio

iPhone App Development

At Dot Com Infoway, we build a diverse range of iPhone applications. Our iPhone Application Development team innovates with applications that are creative, flexible and have high usability quotient. Some of the

App Approval Process & App Promotion

Dot Com Infoway does not stop with iPhone App Development. We guide clients in submitting the app to the Apple App store and getting it approved. After the rigors of app approval, we work towards marketing and promoting the app to increase its visibility online. To know more, visit Dot Com Infoway’s iPhone Application Marketing services page.

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What Our Clients Say+More Testimonials
DCI has done a good job in creating the Smart Notifier Android App as per my request. Great workSmart Notifier, Director
Kudos to Dot Com Infoway for delivering Galatta Cinema on iPhone! Their high-end programming is so effective that GC on iPhone eBook reader reads just like the hard copy – you can flip through pages as swiftly as you would flip the magazine. Also, the high-res images download faster and retain the flashy look. Indeed, I love every bit of GC on iPhone. Thanks DCI!Galatta Cinema
I'm so proud of this program and what we've built as a team, it really is going to set the bar on what's available for hunters globally. It's easy to use, fast, pretty much as flawless as a program gets and it also looks really nice. It looks really great - I cannot tell you or express to you how pleased I am with the application! GREAT JOB!!!David Borges, Owner, iJournal


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