Enterprise Mobile Application Development

At Dot Com Infoway, we understand that the application needs of enterprises are changing. Today’s applications have to compile disparate data sources securely and integrate them in real time. They then have to exchange this data with both private and public clouds, and traditional and hybrid systems. And all this has to be done while running on devices of all shapes and sizes, from the smartphone to the tablet and desktop.

With years of experience in developing enterprise apps, Dot Com Infoway employs the latest skills and technologies in order to achieve the best results for each customer. This is done while keeping the user experience a priority, and ensuring that the employees and company alike get the most value out of the newly developed application.

The Enterprise App Development Process


The Benefits of Choosing Dot Com Infoway

The enterprise application market is growing at an astounding rate. In fact, this market is expected to grow to $61 billion by 2018. This goes to show that many companies are starting to understand the great value that comes from automating and mobilizing the workplace. However, finding a capable developer can be hard, especially when you consider the scope, in both time and budget, of an enterprise app.

Dot Com Infoway is a leading IT company based in India. With an emphasis on customized, scalable and effective solutions, DCI is poised to make a big splash in the enterprise app development market, but what truly sets the company apart is its offshore location, which allows DCI to provide these solutions at highly competitive prices.

Beyond that, Dot Com Infoway is a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, and a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Using a proprietary design methodology, DCI develops applications with a firm understanding of a company’s business goals, while keeping in mind the user experience for the employee. Then, based on feedback and analytics, the application is refined to a highly competitive form.

What to Expect From Our Enterprise Apps

With every enterprise app, DCI aims to help your business:

  • Increase employee productivity through cross-platform development and mobilization, which allows every smartphone and tablet to become a powerful tool for your enterprise.
  • Securely link disparate data sources in real time, which can exponentially increase the efficiency of each employee with quick access to information.
  • Increase the adoption and engagement rates of the enterprise app throughout your workforce by designing a strong user experience, and thus ensuring the highest ROI possible.
  • Lower deployment costs by taking full advantage of every available medium from public and private clouds to traditional systems.

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